Holland Casino Amsterdam


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Apr 3, 2015
I went to this casino a few years back when I was on a business trip.

Yes, food and general establishment was good, although I had issues on the roulette table. I went with my boss and thought it would be good to have a flutter, so joined him on this table. A few wagers in, I had a winner and expected a payout. I waited, and waited, then they opened the table to new bets. I was like 'hello, where are my winnings please?'. They had paid out my win to someone else who then left the table. They refused to pay me out citing all wins had been paid. As my boss was there, it wasn't as though I could kick off and embarrass myself so left. I do not usually play roulette, so wasn't sure of all the rules, but I had 100% won just didn't get the chips.


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Nov 29, 2017
HC amsterdam is great a pretty big one i mostly go to HC Utrecht also a big one! no there company is great offering lot of great slots good food and nice beers! and a really good atmosphere there! i always feel comfortable there! also smoking area is great indeed!

I have bin to almost every HC in Holland there is. The biggest is Rotterdam, with 24 hours openingstimes lol. You can get lost in there. There's a new 24 hours in Amsterdam as well; but i have'nt bin there. I live in the southern of Europe now and that one (estoril) is what is called big. It's the biggest in Europe with over 1300 machines lol.