Hill Affiliates (Spin Hill Casino) not paying affiliates - Be Aware!


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May 22, 2012
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Just a heads-up here.

Was paid in my first month with this lot, after an invoice sent.

Submitted invoice 1 June for May's commission, was told it would be paid around the 20th.

Nada, zilch.

Talk to the hand for several days, eventually getting a Skype reply they'd 'look into it'.

Nothing paid, radio silence, Skypes ignored.

I'd limit your exposure to this programme, the affiliate interface looks like it was cobbled together by a chimpanzee and payments are overdue. I have removed all my links a week or so ago when it became apparent there were payment issues there.

Our full writeup on Spin Hill Casino can be found here.
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With respect, Jumpman gaming are shite, they have many affiliates, and themselves, who take no notice of the CAP code, and spam, and won't answer emails. They wouldn't even answer the ASA who had to send it to the UKGC before they got a response.
Considering that, I wouldn't promote any of their casinos if they were the last casino group on earth.
Yes, just to update this, still not paid and they ignored attempts at resolution via thePOGG.

Not recommended now over there and I would highly recommend you have nothing to do with promoting Spin Hill casino and definitely don't play there.

Hill Affiliates are bent, simple as.

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