Official Scores Casino - do NOT join their affiliate programme!


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May 22, 2012
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These are the most inept, useless and ignorant bunch of shysters I ever dealt with. It seems they tried to pay me via Neteller in July, August and September according to the account stats. I have had a few programmes who had issues sending me money via Neteller, who are the most useless and unreliable payment service around. My bad. Should've used bank transfer.
I have spoken to the reps of a couple of programmes who confirmed Neteller bounced the payment for no good reason. One straight away tried it again, it worked, I got it. Another is on Skype too, confirmed it had failed and will try again shortly. (a good job I asked the question as it seems that when aff programmes have the payments returned they NEVER tell you, simply take the money back, don't credit it back to your a/c or anything.)
So Scores affiliates haven't seemed to notice that they've not paid me for 2-3 months due to Neteller I assume. I have tried their rep on Skype, ignored, by e-mail, ignored and through the account interface, ignored. 5 weeks of attempts, nothing. I used AG's affiliate complaint system, they ignored them too, unresponsive.

So really, if you want to avoid a whole lot of incompetent and dishonest twerps, give Scores casino and their affiliate programme a wide berth. Every single arbitration service says the same - they won't ever talk to them, and it seems the same applies to their partners. You've been warned.

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