EMG Affiliates (Infernobet etc.) - Another Progress Play Scam?


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May 22, 2012
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Well, I joined this one not that long ago - they cover InfernoBet, MapleBet, 2KBet, BazingaBet, Play Casino Games and Mad About Slots.

Earned a reasonable payment in June, checked their terms, like only a couple of other programmes I know they are quite slow coughing up in that they have 60-day payment terms after the end of the month commission was earnt.

Needless to say no payment was forthcoming, went to check in my account for the status and could do nothing, their server's IP address couldn't be found when trying to access to log-in page. Same as if you try and click the 'join' button. Been like it days.

I'm sad to say it's highly likely they've done a runner and will not be paying affiliates, that's the only logical concusion here. Accounts cannot be accessed and if you promote these sites I suggest removing them ASAP as something is badly wrong here with EMG Affiliate programme. The casinos are all still operating it seems.
It turns out their log-in disappeared because they went into liquidation - basically it was one big scam, with Progress Play complicit.

The people who ran the affiliate programme were part of the Progress Play group and it was a classic player recruitment drive 'hit-and-run' by means of affiliates getting the properties up and running (which the casinos still are) then 'liquidating' the programme to avoid paying outstanding commissions and revenue share to the afilliates going forward.

If you are a player at any PP casinos, then this matter might bear some consideration - they've shafted their business partners...

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