Official WinWindsor - Be Aware - Windsor Earnings no-pay issue!


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May 22, 2012
the bus shelter, opposite GCHQ Benhall
Yes, a heads-up here about this programme if you've been approached the promote Win Windsor casino. They are all over you when asking you to join them, but it has gone rapidly downhill in my case. They use the same amateurish affiliate interface as Hill Affs (Spin Hill casino) that looks like a schoolchild made it. I was wary when approached on Skype but they have a UKGC white label. You can't enter payment details in the aff account, and they said on Skype they'd contact me to do it before payment was due. I said I wasn't that happy but when ahead tentatively saying they won't get too much exposure and risk on my behalf until I have established the payment procedure and its reliability.

Roll on a few weeks, $250 owed and then contacted their 'rep' on Skype. Radio silence. Ignored. Nada. Fuck-all.

A bunch of amateur foreign crooks IMO. I would suggest you keep away if you're an affiliate.

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