Metal Casino Affiliates non-payment of commission, be aware!


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May 22, 2012
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OK, just a heads-up here as something isn't right with this programme at the moment. I submitted an invoice on 2 September for a decent amount earned up to August 31. I Sykped the affiliate manager to confirm receipt of it and it took him 10 days to even reply after numerous attempts, some blag about 'no time due to moving office'. Was assured it was now received (13 Sept) and 'would be paid next week'. Needless to say I received nothing and made several attempts on Skype to contact the aff manager. I eventually got a reply stating it would be paid but 'payments are busy at the moment' blah blah and two weeks on still no payment. Despite his Skype being lit up, the guy is now not responding to any queries.

I have removed all their ads now as I don't want any more liability if they aren't paying up.

I would advise affiliates to be aware of this programme as now the excuses have run out they don't even bother to respond.

I suspect cash flow issues but whether I am right or wrong about that, something is seemingly amiss there.

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