Resolved Highroller sent me a responsible gaming email without me being signed up by them!


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Hello *name*,

So I just got this email from Highroller (

"We hope this email finds you well. As you may remember, we sent you an email to advise you of your Responsible Gaming tools, from our records it seems you haven’t got round to checking them out just yet.
We care about your gambling and wish to remind you of these tools. Your tools are as follows;

* Deposit Limit: this will limit the amount you can deposit in a given time period.
* Net Loss Limit: this will limit the amount you can lose in a given time period.
* Wagering Limit: this will limit the amount you can wager in a given time period.
* Session Limit: this will limit the amount of time you can stay logged into the website in a given time period.
* Reality Check: this allows you to set a reminder at regular intervals informing you of the time you have spent playing on one given game since your first bet.
* Time-out: this can be used to take a break from the website from 24 hours up to 6 weeks, and it applies only to the account in which it is set.
* Self-exclusion: this should be used if you are no longer in control of your gambling. When applying a self-exclusion, any account held with the group will be closed until the chosen time period has elapsed (plus an additional 24-hour cool-off period).

Should you wish to get more information on how these tools work or even some help in setting them up, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can be found on the Live Chat service or by simply replying to this email. "

First off all, I don't mind the email itself, the problem is that I never had an account with them (I just searched my email and also clicked on forgot password and my email is not registered with them). So why am I getting emails from them? I don't want my personal information stored with a casino I never used!!


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Got a reply from them :


I'm very sorry for the confusion, Highroller is a sister site of Rizk casino and when contacting you I didn't realize I was using the Highroller email instead of the Rizk email.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, there is no Highroller account in your name as you said and it was due to human error on my part.

Best Regards,"

So they are just using the same CS people across both casinos it seems.. oh well..