Help please, Hype Withdrawal


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Mar 25, 2006
I'm a bit confused about Neteller and Hype, can I still withdraw to Neteller? Does anyone know?
If you are from Canada - isn't there a problem with that? I seem to remember something about Neteller not serving Canadian gamblers. Can anyone verify that?

I am looking into it from Hype - but probably will not get an answer until tomorrow from my contacts since I will be out until then.
Neteller is all I use to deposit and withdraw with, and I am Canadian, so there is no problem on that end. I do seem to recall reading a post that Hype is no longer accepting Neteller transactions from anyone, regardless of where they live. Not sure how true it was, but I am sure I remember reading it.
Thanks guys! Customer service said it was OK, but I wasn't sure as I thought I had read the same as Jen somewhere in these pages.
Hopefully it will only be 3 days as they said and not the months everyone here is talking about!
Good luck with that, I would check the withdraw button first if I were you. It let me deposit fine with click2pay several times then when I wanted to withdraw the same day click2pay was not a withdrawal option so I wouldn't count on neteller being a withdrawal option unless you check.

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