HELP! My primapoker (Lucky Nugget Poker) winnings have been confiscated!


Dormant account
Jun 14, 2005

I just started an account at LuckyNugget for about two weeks. I made a deposit of $500 at LuckyNugget poker. I have turned it to $1300+.

I made a cashout of $50 in order to test the speed of the system for the first time at Lucky Nugget Poker. I was then asked to submit my documents to them to verify my identity.

After sending repeated documents, there was no action. I have talked to the customer support over the phone. Unfortunately, they said that my account has been closed down permanently and I won't receive my winnings due to security reasons! I find this very strange as my documents are legitimite. The support refused to tell me the reason for the account closure but said they will refund my initial deposit. But I will have my $800 winnings confiscated.

Does anybody know how I should proceed? My user name at Lucky Nugget Poker is "momothedog" if any support staff would like to check this.
You should contact ecogra, They will help you.

Anyway, the casino should have told you the reasons for confiscating your money, keep us informed.

Good luck.
Upon personally contacting a senior-level staff who works for that site, the closure of my account has been reversed and now my account is reopened with no restrictions.

It was just a simple matter of an accidental error made on their side. Although this incident should have never happened, I am very glad that swift action has been taken and will continue to be a loyal customer to Lucky Nugget Poker.

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