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Sep 30, 2004
I'm the user in online casinos and i don't know which will choose...help me to choose it here-
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Thanks for your offers!
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SpamCasino.com is a good one. For every 40 spams deposited you get a bonus of 60 spams.

I deposited 50 spams at spamcasino.com and after only 3 hands of 5-spam poker got a royal flush for 4,000 spams!

They paid the 4000-spam win in to my Neteller account within 2 days!

Plus they have an on-going 10% of all spam deposited bonus. That extra spam could just be the one to help you hit the progressives.. imagine.. 1,000,000 spams off just a 3 spam bet!

Happy gaming!


Edit: Forgot to mention that spam support are great!
I think this user has signed up for some sort of affiliate deal. Probably gets paid so much per search and maybe it's search word dependent. If so 'casino' or 'gambling' would be a good word as usually has a high $$ pay out. So she basically wants everyone to click on the link to 'find her a casino'. This just happens to make her money every time someone clicks!

After a bit of digging I found an affiliate program that is associated with the 'search engine' that the post points to. Look at the FAQ:

UmaxSearch is a Pay Per Click search engine where every search result carries a bid value. Results are sorted descending by bid values that are set by advertisers.

How does UmaxSearch affiliate program work?
Traffic partners (webmasters) can send adult or non-adult traffic to UmaxSearch search engine and get 50% of the clicks that referred surfers initiate. UmaxSearch has a webmaster referral program which is recurring 5% of what referred webmasters make.

So... Anybody clicking the 'search engine link' and then clicking off will create money for the search engine, and 50% of this goes to the user. Cost per click for casinos can be up to $15 so it is possible that every click through from that search page is generating around $7.50 for the user who 'just wants help finding a casino'..


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