Hello my name is mixx and i'm a gambleholic(j/k)


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Nov 29, 2009
glad i found this forum. i can tell this is probably the best one to be a part of and want to start by thanking casinomeister for accepting me! about me... hmmm... started off this year stuck on english harbour casinos. lately i went back towards the RTG software. ALL STAR SLOTS gets my vote hands down. can't forget inetbet cuz they never did me wrong. hit 20K in march at superslots and had no problems cashing out so i thought they deserve a shotout. millionaire casino and the vip plan support showed me love all year too.
i can keep going like this all day-- i'm way off what i'm supposed to post but i like typing whatever pops in my head even if i regret it later lol. INSTANT GOOD LUCK to all the fellow players who read this. it will last for a few hours so give it a shot hehe! i forgot to add I CAN'T STAND RIVAL CASINOS. the fact that they are all linked doesn't make sense to me. mess up at one of em and it's all bad at all of them. that's the rules i'm afraid lol. according to slutocash there is not a way for me to make up for any mistakes like duplicate accounts on my ip address etc. even after explaining my reasons etc they dont care. they just don't like me. that's fine cuz now it is mutual. i wasn't born hating rival they made me this way. if i offended anyone who loves them i apologize. this is my personal opinion thats all. ok i'm done.
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Dec 2, 2006
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welcome to the forum which is like a big family to many of us whom have been here already for years.
Im sure you will perfectly "mix" with the rest of us.
Good luck to you too and once again WELCOME.:thumbsup:

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