Baptism by Fire - success is giving it a go

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I was going to wait for a few days before I shouted from the rooftop but so far so good.



Well you can start shouting :thumbsup: The last few days of deposits every single game I have played was running very smoothly and I never received one single error message :D This goes for games from all providers which is brilliant.

Keep up the good work mate, now can you convince Aristocrat ( I am sure you will add these soon) and IGT to let Aussies play those fancy games you have on the site?
Netent slots are playing smoothly without lags at guts now.

The last few days of deposits every single game I have played was running very smoothly and I never received one single error message

That's good to hear. Will probably deposit there tomorrow night.

Yes, it was a major release today which seems to have solved most of the issues.

Did they say what the problem was? That's quite intriguing.

Out of curiosity, did you tell them that the free spins were always running smoothly? That was a big clue I believe.
Played lastnight, and DOA died, said game was unavailable 2 times during play. Was annoying, then hit some Immortal Romance, was smooth for a while then was a little choppy.

And games seem to be running okay, except for the error on DOA which was annoying cause it was doing ok, then I reloaded the game and it went too pot. /sigh
I'm surprised by the issues players are having, as I haven't experienced any issues. Besides one occasion where I got an error whilst trying to load the game, I have never had any issues with Guts since joining a while ago. I think the error I experienced was due to the sportsbook transition also. I should mention I have the fastest connection possible, so this may help in eliminating lag issues and the like.

Hope all is cleared up for everyone soon anyway, as I'm sure many will agree Guts has always been top notch in my opinion, and definitely my number 1 place to play at and lose my money to. I like this place that much that I feel like I'm cheating on a girlfriend every time I play elsewhere. After the week just gone, I won't be cheating anymore, that's for sure. :p

Will be giving it another shot come Monday, so will report any issues. Can you believe my pay was messed up again by my employer, so another weekend without my cherished game time! It's as if they know I'm an avid player and are trying to purposely interrupt my weekend fun to stop me from playing. Have to wait until Monday for my pay again! Bastards! :mad:

Never mind, Monday will do, but we all know Monday sessions aren't as fun as the more relaxing late night Sat/Sun sessions, lol.

Should also say a quick, belated, nice work on the sports book side of things too Ben. I'm also an avid punter on my beloved EPL each week so will soon give it a shot. No restrictions for Aussie players in that regard? I'm currently registered with another mob, have been for years, but I'm happy to bring my business across at some point if welcome to?
Hi Ben
will give GUTS another shot. It`s one of my favorite casinos but was unplayable for me because of the short spin problem.
Hi guys. Hope someone with knowledge online as Guts live chat not available. I have not really found out but that 50% bonus Guts sends out. Can I forfeit the bonus and make withdrawal as long I don't dip into bonus amount and only play with my cash deposit?? As really tempted giving it a go tonight that new Microgaming slot High Society is calling for me :D

I can only find this but doesn't really give clear answer? : Players can request a withdrawal of their deposited amount prior to meeting the wagering conditions. However, the bonus amount and winnings will be forfeited.
think once you take the bonus you are tied to it till you complete the playthrough, the term you quoted just means that if you deposit £50 and take a £25 bonus you can withdraw the £50 again if you wish but the bonus and winnings get removed if playthroughs not completed. Ive never had a cashout after taking a bonus then again ive not had a cashout since first week I joined, every deposit just goes so quick lol.
I guess this explains it self. But will of course try make wager anyway now need to get lucky come on!!! :D

Bonus type Reload bonus
Bonus ID 1001438
Bonus name Girls With Guns 75%
Bonus amount GBP 10.00
Initial wagering requirement GBP 350.00
Remaining wagering requirement GBP 350.00
Granted date 11/04/2014
Expiry date 11/05/2014
Status Granted
Confiscate all funds on expiration No
Confiscate all funds on forfeiture No
This might seem a tad unusual, but personally for me the latest Aliens marketing on Guts is a pain in the arse.
I have guts set as a tab when I open my browser as default. The latest advertising promo for the Aliens on the front page uses some atmospheric music, but intrudes on any other tab you may be browsing.
I know it's probably there to get your attention, but if you're watching a youtube clip or want to read something quietly, then it just gets in the way. Mute really shouldn't have to be an option to kill the sound, as I need that for other tabs I do want to listen to when the need arises, so unbelievably the first thing I have been doing over the last few browsing sessions has been immediately closing the Guts tab - I'm not sure that's how they intend the end user to act :)
Just a heads up, my opinion FWIW.
I wanted to look at my play history today.

It seems you can only get your 10 last games, and it's not very detailed.

I was in contact with support, and they could supply me with anything I'd like.
I'm just waiting for them to get back to me with the stats.

I hate to waste their time with this kind of request though.

I would love to see all games included in the transaction tab of the cashier.

Ok, seems getting play history is not as straight forward as I thought at first.
While I did get access to partial logs, you will not get any kind of detail other than bet and payoff.
It's unclear whether these are not available at all, or just not to the player.

I realize this may be a NetEnt thing though.
I checked my other casinos, and while some offer play history through the cashier, it's for time, game and result only. You can not see the bet and win, only total for win minus bet.

I like the way play history is presented in MG download casinos.
I'm guessing the new multi game platforms complicate things though.

free spins

Nice email from Ben Canadians are not allowed to play aliens,
and not wanting me to miss out on any free spins...
find a 100 free spins on starburst in my account.

Now there goes a Class Act.

Got the same, made me feel Guts values me even if NetEnt doesn't.

Ben made me feel very valued this week, undeservedly so.

I'm curious why the baptism thread is still open however, they have been accredited for quite some time now. Time to fork this one perhaps?
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