Grand Reef Casino Dodgy Tactics


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I have an account with grand reef casino but haven't used them in years, I get their weekly spam email but thanks to gmail I normally never see them.

I happened to check my spam folder tonight and discovered the following;

In the last 7 days I received 17 emails from Grand Reef with special deposit bonus offers, the majority stating they were "special aussie" bonuses.
I received three on the 9th September with the last one on the 9th september stating the following:

Playtech has notified us that in keeping with Australia’s recent amendments to its interactive gaming bill, they will no longer be allowing residents of Australia to access their software.

As of Sunday, 10 September 2017, we will no longer be able to offer you online casino entertainment – however, until Playtech enforces the regional closure we will keep our doors open for your enjoyment. Feel free to play those last few spins on your favourite progressive slot or try to land your lucky number at the tables one more time.

Thank you for your support and patronage, we will be back in Australia as soon as we can!

On the 9th September I received one at 635am, 718am and the email above at 8am.

My gripe is playtech would have advised Grand Reef weeks or months ago they were leaving Australia yet Grand Reef sent out mass emails to generate as much money as possible and then at the last minute say.. we are closing tomorrow.

Who would deposit at a casino if you knew it was closing tomorrow.

Maybe its just me but its just plain dodgy.