Grand Hotel Withdrawal


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Mar 21, 2005
So, I played the $10 new user bonus they have and won and played through the WR.

BTW I replaced my real name with "Bob" I'm a private person. ;P

6days ago, I request a withdrawal to my QT account and four days later I decided to contact live support to see how everything was going, The first person, I spoke with told me that withdrawals to QT for US customers were not allowed, Which was a tad bit odd to me. Later on I decided to talk to live chat again, Just in case the person might of been new or not understood what i was talking about, And i get another person that said that sending the winnings to my QT account was not a problem and it was being processed buy it would take five business days to go into my QT account.

Now I don't know about you, But five days to send money to a QT account does not sound right to me at all, Casinos like Inet, Intertops, Jackpot Capital and Royal Joker are able to send winnings in less than one day.
I don't know if they have some magical connection with QT or something that allows them to do it so quick, Who knows?

Anyways, I get an e-mail from them later with the following.

Your withdrawal has been cleared for processing

Account number: tghr
Hi Bob,

You just moved a step closer to some cold, hard cash!

Your pending withdrawal has been given the all clear to be processed by our Accounts Department, so it wont be long before its lining your pockets.

Thanks for playing at Grand Hotel, we enjoy having you around so drop us a line 24/7 if theres anything else we can do.

See you soon,
Grand Hotel Casino Team


Alright sounds good to me! Right? Wrong!
I then get this e-mail 2days later.

> Dear Bob,
Thank you for using our service.

We would like to inform you that your winnings for $ 75.00 from Grand Hotel Casino was rejected and credited back to your casino account.

In order to process your winnings successfully you need to follow the T & C as explained on the promotion newsletter.
"In instances where no deposit is made, to withdraw the free bonus money and any winnings obtained, the player must:
Win at least 100$ with the awarded bonus, and have that amount in winnings in their account when they come to cashout.
Winnings resulting from the $ 10 free are available for a one time cash-out, $300 is the ceiling win available using the $ 10 free credit.
Surplus winning credits will then be forfeited."
In your case you will need to reach $100.00 before we can process your winnings.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Grand Hotel Casino support.

> Best regards,

> E Processing Services
> On Behalf of Grand Hotel Casino

Grand Hotel Casino Team


Okay, So i didn't read the T&C's clearly that's my fault.
But they never said anything when I chose to withdrawal it.
At this point I lost all hope with this place, So I then played the $75 and got it up to $200 and said it's time to cash out.

Now I'm talking to live support again and this is the entire conversation with the rep.

You are now chatting with Support

Support: hi
Support: how can i help?
Me: Hello
Me: Who am i speaking with?
Support: Franky
Me: Hi Franky.
Support: hi Bob
Me: I have a quesion.
Support: yes
Me: I made a cashin request about 4days ago, And i got an e-mail from the casino i had to withdrawal at least $100.
Support: yes i can see that
Me: Well I've now requested $200.
Me: Am I going to have to wait another five days to have it sent to my Quicktender account again?
Support: yes sorry
Me: How is it that other casinos like Intertops and Royal Joker can send it within a couple of hours?
Support: sorry
Support: Bob
Me: Is some sort of different process that this casino uses?
Support: that s the procedure
Support: and it doesn t depend only on us
Support: it is also quicktender
Support: that takes time
Me: So why did i get an email saying everything was fine the first time i requested to withdrawal?
Me: Me being in the US really has nothing to do with QT...
Support: Because it send an automatic email when you request a cashin
Me: I'm sorry if im being a pain in the ass.
Support: then the account department check out everything is alright
Me: But im a regular at other casinos that send to QT in less than a day and im just wondering why it takes 5days.
Me: Kinda makes it hard for me to even want to play at this casino honestly.
Me: 10days to get any winnings?
Support: i', sorry Bob this is the way this casino works like
Support: check it i ll send you the link where everything is explained
Me: Franky
Me: Who's the casino manager at grand hotel?
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

Me: So i can tell him how this process is hurting his casino, he would make a lot more business if they could actually send winnings to players quicker.
Support: Maybe you could send an email
Me: Franky, I'm sorry but i don't see anything about the 5day delay for Usemywallet withdrawals on the section.
Me: And who was the casino manager again?
Support: sorry this is an online casino
Support: i just found out
Support: that a cashin is not available in US
Support: you can only ask for cheque or ach transfer
Me: what?
Support: you cannot be refunded on ewallet
Support: you can ask for a cheque or bank transfer
Me: I was told that i could.
Support: only if you ve been invited
Me: This is getting ridiculous.
Support: i ll check if you are on the list?
Me: I already have a UsemywalleT accounT.
Support: ok yes
Support: i checked you are on the list
Support: so it will take 2/4 working days
Me: Is ThaT a promise?
Support: yes
Me: You guys also need To check your chaT sofTware. IT will noT allow me To use lowercase T's.
Me: I have To copy and pasTe or use capslock for T's To work.
Support: oh i will write a note about that
Support: thanks for telling though
Support: oh ok
Support: thank you
Me: I know iT's noT my compuTer by The way, because im aT work lol. and iT was doing The same Thing aT home lasT Time.
Support: ok
Me: Franky, Who is The CM?
Me: I will leT him know ThaT you've done a greaT job and had paTienTs. Unlike oThers.
Support: Thank you Bob sorry but i cannot give any names
Support: you could write us an email
Me: You cannoT give me The casino managers name?
Me: Why is This?
Support: Sorry Bob
Support: This is an online casino
Support: i only do customer service
Me: I undersTand i'll jus give The casino a call.
Support: ok
Me: I appreciate all your help, franky.

I have yet to give this casino a call, Seems how i use a prepaid cell phone and have no lan line to use at the moment. Prepaid cell phone charges me a lot for 800 calls for some reason.

So what is your take on all of this craziness?


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Sep 13, 2009
withdrawl from Grand Hotel

I have no idea why they take that long 3idce casino is 24 hours at most
I have had several casshouts with Grand Hotel and it is always 5-7 days getting done
That has been one of my biggest complaints with them until now and as of the last couple of weeks can't even get them to respond to e-mails