Good Value with 3Dice


Dormant account
I must say i have been very impressed with 3Dice, they have very smooth clean and fast 3D graphics. I have been trying the site out with play money (freerolls) and am pleasantly surprised that they have them literally running all day. The current freeroll i am in, i got $2500TD and 8 hours to turn it into as much as possible playing any game and i am still playing 2 - 3 hours later!!!! I don't know of any other online casino that offers this!

Defiantly worth your time and good value and if you get bored you can chat to other people at 3Dice in their chat room :):thumbsup:

Not only that but they are the first online casino to offer Cash Game Solitaire!!!!!

I just wanted to post this quick thread to say how impressed i am with 3Dice and their software and all their other features.