Good to send personal ID and other documents for Casino


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May 26, 2006
What do you think about sending from documents to any Casino when they needed for withdrawling?
Do you do it or choice another casino?

I´m not sure of doing it because i don´t know what making with this sensible datas like personal id, driver licence or passport.

Can anybody to quieten me that this is not dangerous for me or the people.
Is only a document but i don´t know what they make with it.

LG tiger2006
Depends on the casino. If its reputable, no problem, it's something that most would require at some point anyway. If it's not an accredited one, or a Micro/Crypto/Wagerworks I'd think twice before I deposited personally :)
It is a accredited Casino.

I have send the document by mail to there.
But i dont like this by other casino.

LG tiger2006

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