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May 25, 2002
Several of us have discussed this issue on and I have filed a formal complaint with the administrator here. I am now asking if anyone else has any ideas.

When I played through my original deposit and bonus with GoodFellows, I evidently did not play enough to satisfy them. (This may have actually been valid as I could not find their actual play requirements anywhere on their site and they did not respond to that e-mail asking for clarification). I played through $3500 or so, then cashed out.

After no response from them for a week, I e-mailed asking what was happening with my cashout. I received a prompt response that they required $6600 in action to be able to cash out any amount. I returned mail thanking them for their prompt response and clarification, reversed my cashout and proceeded to play more.

After giving them just over 10,000 in action, I again cashed out this time only cashing $500 of a balance of $670 in hopes that the money left in the account would help them to pay. I sent them e-mail stating that I had now played well over the required amount and that I had cashed out and trusted there would be no problem with this cashout.

Again, I received a prompt response that they were in receipt of my cashout request and that there would be no problem. Shortly after that I received the "You have cash" notification that my cashout was being processed and asking how I wanted my funds.

That was 5/12/02. Yesterday, I again sent them mail asking what was happening with my cashout and received the response that "due to their audit, they will not be able to process any cashouts until 5/31/02".

What's up with this? Is this real or is it simply another stall tactic for them to avoid paying? Were they ever going to tell me about it or do they only respond when customers get irritated about not getting their money and send mail to them?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

This casino has been "in trouble"
since they first offered the $50
no deposit bonus. They obviously
have NOT corrected their "problems"
at this point, as a number of players
are reporting what you posted.

Making things even worse, Proccyber
is doing the processing for Good Fellow's,
and Proccyber has a reputation as one of
the most incompetent, and inept, processors
in the on line gaming industry.

The "audit story" is the second time
Good Fellow's has used this "excuse". :eek:

I think the future of Good fellow's
looks pretty bleak.
I would agree with that - all the classic signs of a casino with incompetent management and cashflow problems seem to be there - the generous bonuses followed by stalling on payouts and then the hoary old "audit" BS to further stall payouts whilst still taking in deposits.

May 31 is the crunch date, and after offering so many excuses for so long they will be hard-pressed to explain away another missed deadline to pay what they owe. That's if they fail again - we might all get a pleasant surprise but I would not bet on it...
Microgaming needs to help assure player satistfaction since GoodFellows has not. If this deadline passes, you still don't have your dollars, contact Microgaming's auditor, PriceWaterhouseCooopers:


Hi all,

Without stirring up a hornets nest here, I think the problem stems back to Proc Cyber Services.

When it all comes down to the line, an online casino really is only as good as the processing company that it employs to handle all its transactions.

I am sure many of you would have heard PCS has been locking down accounts left right & centre of late. Yes I have had 2 such account locked, with no reason given, this is of course after I have sent not only my driver license, but also CC statement.

PSC have always been pretty rigid in their approach to security issues, but of late, I personally feel, they are going way over the top.
Unfortunately PCS is not the one who loses face or creditability over these matters, it is the Casino.

At this point I refuse to play at any Casino that use PCS, they are in my opinion arrogant, rude & a pack of idiots.
Fortunately there are still a few Microgaming Casino's that don't use PCS & I play at them. Which btw I'm not a high roller by any means, but I receive polite emails & still get treated like a person, not just a number. :)

Best Regards

What I can't understand is that Proc Cyber is so regid and strict and loves to lock out players(I am One for whatever reason a casino deems you have committed a crime) They know they are processing for casinos that are not reputable, and if there is a dispute they lock you out at all the reputable casinos and that leaves you to play with all these fly-by-night casinos that Proc Cyber does not do the processing. The best casinos uses Proc Cyber, and if you are on their blacklist, you can't play for the free promotions or bonuses or sign up as a member for the casino. I always have to check to see if Proc Cyber handles the casino processing before determining to join a casino even if I have big bucks to play. This is truly unfair and they don't give a damn. They once told me that their decision was final and would never be changed regarding my status. Even through I got ripped off from trying to stop a casino from charging a new credit card from a 0 balance to a 1500.00 balance in one night. They even threaten me with prosecution. Sending me threating emails and the works. Screw Proc Cyber. They only want to help themselves and screw you out of your money, you question them and they will lock you out of cyper space. But they are some good casinos out there that doesn't use Proc Cyber that I have won big at. If you like a change of pace, try "AS GOOD AS GOLD CASINO" the same night I won money, they wanted me to send them my credentials and my money was depostited back into my accounts, PAYPAL the next day and Firepay within 3-4 days.
Also try Starluck Casino, the games are few but fun and it's seem s easiler to win on the slots. Another good place to play is Lasseters. You can play there all night for pennies, but havn't won anything yet.
Yes, you can stay away from Proc Cyber and have fun and win without any problems. I hope this helps. I just have a real hatred for Proc Cyber, but that life. :mad:

P. S. If anyone has any infor on As good as gold or Starluck, please pass the info on to me. I just would like to know if I am right about them, right now, I am giving them the benefit of doubt until they prove themselves wrong.

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