Bitch and Moan Golden Casino- Still Rogue (In Case U Were Wondering)


Dormant account
Feb 25, 2006
North Carolina
Got an e-mail stating I was eligible for a 50 ND Bonus. This was not a sign up as my account number was included. T&C said 10X play through. I like the software (Vegas Technology) so I followed the T&C which said:

"This bonus will not automatically be credited but must be REQUESTED from support. I sent an e-mail and was told it can take "up to 48 hours."

OK- OK. I did not think to come here first and check the rogue list, my bad.

When I tried to download I got a message saying "no longer available in your area". I sent another e-mail and support sent me a link for existing customers.

I waited 48 hours, sent 3 more e-mails. Finally, I checked and sure enough- Rogue List.

I sent them a final e-mail and told them it was my own fault for wasting my time, don't bother crediting this or any future bonus, and basically you guys are ROGUE>>>>>>>>>>

Why go thorough all the motions just to deny a player in the end on a bonus that was SENT to the player unsolicited?

Maybe because it was sent to everyone and because I am in the US, I was just ignored.


Dormant account
Dec 8, 2009
Atlanta suburb of alpharetta
Golden is really screwed up right now.

By mistake I took a bonus (I failed to stop it is what happened), realized it and they reconfigured my account deducting 300 which was money I wagered on craps which was an ineligble game. That was followed by 2 emails that arrived on the same day from two different customer service reps.

One told me the remaining amount in my account could only be used for non table games--this is crazy given the reconfiguration. The other said I could now use the remaining amount for any games I desired. This makes sense given the reconfig.

I went to live support and said---Which is it! Well after being put on hold for half an hour the rep came back on and said his manager would get back to me about my issue and to go offline for 20 minutes and they would make sure the amount in the account could be used for anything.

It's now been more than a day and I have yet to hear anything!

So things are really really screwed up there!

Steer clear!!