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Sep 30, 2003

Has anyone received an answer to his email lately from gold club casino? I ve sent them three emails the last three days for a problem i have with bonus money and i haven't taken any answer from them. Are they on early holidays for christmas....?
Better yet... has anyone ever won on that stupid game at Gold Club called Bonus Madness? I mean something big. I,ve been up a hundred dollars or so before..but nothing huge. I,ve never hit anything large except on Microgaming,s software.
As i found out, my email had no problem at all. So, some strange things happened... Lost emails and other things like that. I haven't yet understand what happened but after two emails to Gold Club support center my problem was immediately solved! I'm very happy with their treatment of the problem occured. They were very fast and i must admit that this is the first time i get that kind of support. I have won some money, their support is very fast and fair.... so i think they are very high in my personal top 10 list of casinos.

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I nominate gold club casino for a rogue. Soon as you meet the wr the dealer becomes invincible just like at crypologic casinos.avoid this one at all costs.

Avoid Gold Club Casino if you don't enjoy a casino offering on going bonuses (100 x $100 monthly), above average game play (Boss Media software), and dependable cash-outs (usually in 4 - 5 business days has been my experience).

You win some, you lose some. I have had winning sessions and losing sessions here. I have lost my entire deposit and bonus before reaching the wagering requirements, I have cashed out my bonus plus fair amounts of winnings.

Do you play such flawless strategy that if you lose, the casino must be rigged?

Maybe I'm a shill, maybe I don't see the point in slamming casinos that play fair and still offer their players bonuses without applying the "abuser" label if you take them up on it.

I enjoy Gold Club and I enjoy Intercasino, both of which rainman has accused of cheating here. I think his clock is would too tight.
you win some you lose some my ass.In fact I do analyze my win to loss ratio before and after meeting the wr.As soon as the dealer becomes invincible I know the wr are up.I check to make sure and was right at intercasino and gold club as well as william hill.Not worth the wr for the measly few hundred dollars you win at gold club if you take money and run. I played war with a martingale and won easliy at it then the dealer became invincible and won around 1 out of every ten hands. Rigged? I think so.

Out of curiosity, ar there any online casinos that you believe offer a consistently fair game?

And if you consider, say, Gold Club (which I like a lot), Intercasino and William Hill to be rigged, why in God's name do you continue to play there? In my humble opinion, if you're still pouring cash into operations that you know beyond any shadow of a doubt to be crooked, then a mercilessly effective separation from your money is precisely what you deserve.
Hi Rainman,

I played 3 times at Gold Club with their bonus and always lost 300 less in my account.. but in other casino InterCasino (4times) or Casino365 (3times) i never lost... and casino 365 has a cashout time within minutes .. they do not tell bullshit about bonus abusing. Therefor I also would not blame a casino if I lose regulary as far its not something suspicious found. I will try Gold Club again.
But your postings really look a bit paranoid and I would avoid playing for a while if they are serious.
I make a records of all my playings and can see how much I win/lose in total. If it is too much I would just stop it.

here's the thing I know u can win a little if you are up by the time wr are met. I am a take the money and run player now at least am trying to be. William hill is so predictable if I am going to lose or win the next hand like at 85-90 percentile, until i either meet wr or reach a set amount. 500 was the cap for me then dealer started the winning every hand bit. That is when I start making cashouts to avoid losing it all.But the fact they tweak the games after one of these two outcomes happens really tees me off.I want to be able to win as much as I want in one setting without having to withraw casue the casino decides to flip the switch.
I did the $20 and $20 bonus here and worked it up to over $150. Requested a cashout on the 29th and still waiting.
bradleyt said:
I did the $20 and $20 bonus here and worked it up to over $150. Requested a cashout on the 29th and still waiting.
first of all you have to meet the wager requirements. Second it takes 4 business days for it to go to neteller, longer with a cheque.3rd they have 100 for a 100.
First of all I met the wager requirements - it's only 10X the bonus amount ($200).

Second of all the "four days" for money to go to Neteller is an industry sham. They would have a hold (money already in Neteller) and that money can be instantly transferred. I've played at many casinos where you get your cashout within an hour or two.

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