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Dec 16, 2004
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Get Started With Bingo
Bingo is not a difficult game to play - and with practice you can daub away your numbers with the best of them! Online it can even all be done for you! Here's a mini guide to getting started with playing bingo online.
The object of Bingo is to match all the numbers in a special pattern which will be shown on the screen for each game. Random numbers are called out one at a time and are then highlighted on the screen. If you complete the pattern you've got BINGO and will win a prize!
Playing Bingo is easy! Sit back and let your computer do the work while you watch, chat, or play the mini games.
To add to the excitement of Bingo, you'll also have a chance to win Progressive Jackpots! The Progressive Jackpot is a constantly growing prize that rolls over from game to game until it is won
The "auto daub" feature will automatically watch and mark all of your cards for you, which is convenient if you are playing many cards at the same time. However, if you would like to take a more pro-active approach, you can turn the "auto daub" off and manually mark your card by moving your mouse over the numbers. Don't worry if you accidentally miss a number; all of your prizes will be awarded whether you have daubed your cards or not.
You can turn these on and off.

most people like them because they can chat or play a little slots while they are playing bingo without missing a beat.
"auto daub"

With The "auto daub" it does'nt take the fun out of the game and some tell you even to Yell Bingo too.
At work I will sit with my clients with Disabilities (on the free mode) and they love the auto daub but with a little help by me :) they get a kick out of it if they win.
On the other side auto daub is great if your playing alot of cards at one time.
I have never enjoyed land bingo much because it seems like I always miss daubing numbers that are called. Online bingo is great! I love the auto daubing feature.

I won a jackpot a few months ago. I can't tell you what a thrill that was. :D

Agreed. When you purchase max bingo cards, it is too hard too hard
to daub them all yourself:)

If they didnt have autodob I would never play. I also like to play slots while I play, plus you have the chat games going on to concentrate on.

skill in bingo?!?

there is no skill in bingo with or without auto daub lmao... its pure luck... either u have the right cards or u dont lol.
All in All Bingo is a Pure Luck Game

wildcherrys said:
there is no skill in bingo with or without auto daub lmao... its pure luck... either u have the right cards or u dont lol.
Your right about the No Skill and Yes it's Pure Luck But if you buy 100 cards say or more how you going to keep up :rolleyes: If you want to spend that kind of money and not use the auto daub Please send me the cash I have better ways to spend it.
All in All Bingo is a Pure Luck Game all you need is the right card:lolup:
I found this and it's useful to the New Bingo Player

I found this and it's useful to the New Bingo Player.

1. Never forget that bingo is a game of chance. This is a cardinal rule that most of the times shatters the assumption that the more cards you buy, the more chances of winning you have. The advantage of this latter option is that you help increase the value of the prize which depends on the revenue of the online hall. We also suggest you to choose the halls that sell cards for 25 cents, or more, as these halls have larger cash prizes.

2. Never start to play without taking a careful look at the whole site and always check the customer service. If this one is invisible you can be sure that the site is far from being an honest, or a legal one. You can also try to verify the promptitude of the customer services by asking a question and waiting for its answer.

3. Do not make a deposit, usually requested when registering, without having taken a look at the game first. At this moment you cannot play, but you can watch and learn some strategies, and in certain cases you may also use the chat and make some friends who may tell you some tips about the site itself, or about the bingo game. Also verify the security when submitting your personal dates requires when registering.

4. Decide on the download or the no-download options of the bingo game. The no-download variant holds advantages in speed, whereas the download one has more adavantages in terms of the full screen game, and the varied multimedia options. The free downloads are even more worthing such as you may notice at Interbingo.

5. Carefully choose the moment you want to play bingo. The morning or the afternoon when the majority of people are working increase your chances of winning, with the specification that the prize is rather a poor one. The evening hours imply a fat prize but thinned chances of winning. And, yet, the harder to get, the more pleasant the final feeling will be.

6. If you are a bingo beginner, don't run after money. Try to get used to the online bingo game by playing for free, and only afterwards dare for more. By ignoring this rule, you may end up with empty pockets, and we strongly believe it's better to learn from other's experience than to feel it on your own skin.

7. Sometimes it's worth resorting to the old pen and paper where you can keep an exact evidence of the cards you played and the prizes you won. This way you'll have the certainty that no one will trick you.

8. Don't turn your back to a piece of bingo advice. Either familiar, or new, they have the same purpose of making you choose the best online bingo hall, one that lets you take home the craved prize. The essence of bingo may be related to chance, but the existence of a bingo industry makes the preparation from beforehand a compulsory step. Never try your chances without having got informed first.

Have A Happy Bingo Day
Don't forget that you do not want to go to places that spam your mailbox.

Go to a site that screens what they list for you and pick what appeals to you there.

Often the spammers do so because no selfrespecting place will list them.
If your talking about No Money Down to get a Bonus?

If your talking about No Money Down to get a Bonus? To tell you the truth I myself will stay far away from one like that.
I promote & play in only one and they treat the players pretty good.
The Bonus they offer gives you 500 Free Bingo Cards or the 200% on Slots.
and to me that's a good way to start your Bingo.
Today you have many fly-by-night-bingo's I stay stick to one you can trust.
Good Luck and hope for the best in anyway you go.
Best Wishes
Could you explain exactly what happens when you make a first time deposit into Party Bingo.

Say I sent $50. Do they give you $150 bonus?

Or is it free cards?

How many cards do most people play on one game and how much is a card.

Sorry for the dumb questions but I've never played bingo online before. Tried for fun last night and won on my very first game. There were 8 playing and I had 3 cards. Didn't realise till later you can have 100 on the same game!
Hi Antibes

Hi Antibes
When you go on that site look for the Bonus Rules it will tell you more then I can type lol

Ongoing Bonuses and Special Offers
Fair enough, but could you tell me how many cards the average player plays with.

If everyone plays 10 or 40, it would seem pointless only playing 1.
Hi Antibes I say they play 5 to 10 cards

Hi Antibes I say they play 5 to 10 cards
But remember it only takes one to win
I won $14500.00 with a packed room of bingo players and I only had a strip of 3 on the card when everyone was playing 9 on a card and some had two sets of 9

Have a great and lucky day
Exciting changes - on the way! For PartyBingo

Exciting changes - on the way! For PartyBingo
Over the next few weeks, PartyBingo will be enhancing to bring you some incredible new features. Here's a peek:

Bigger guaranteed pots all day
Exciting new jackpots
A brand new bingo room
New card limits for fairer games
New low cost entry for our popular game Bingo Royale

They are getting better each day
Any no-deposit bonus bingo sites?

I need a break from slots and enjoy land based bingo, so I would like to try online. What I want to know is, are there any reputable Bingo sites that have the no deposit bonus (or free cards for newcomers) so I can play for free until I determine if I like the site?
You can try out any Bingo you like for Free

You can try out any Bingo you like for Free
I myself don't care for the no deposit. If I play for free and I like it I join.
PartyBingo,BingoSuite,BingoLive are the best in my book.
Good Luck
I Have Them All

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