Question Does the average club bingo player understand how POOR the RTP is on the slots


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Aug 17, 2018
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We all know how awful and disgusting the RTP is on land based bingo halls in there "arcade slots" areas where machines can be a little as 80% where you can get the same game online on the club website for 96%. The amount of people I see playing there in the middle of the break between bingo games and going literately 25+ spins without a single hit and wondering/moaning how bad the game is unaware how much they are being robbed. These machines are what makes the bingo halls the money but I hate to see so many unaware players thinking they are getting a fair chance on these machines when infact if they just logged in to there online site instead they would have so much longer/better times on the same machines.

I do believe that these slots by law should have some what 88-90% Minimum rtp as anything less is just criminal
To be fair bingo halls have a heap of overheads, and many are struggling to survive these days. Its a fun evening out going to the bingo, even if the RTP is dire its still only about £20 for a full evening's card and a couple of drinks.

And yes avoid the slots they are the money makers for the club.
Used to make reel based bingo machines and very few were set to below 92%,cant remember any being lower than 90%,
was a while ago though,thing may have changed
Yeah mecca bingo by me its like 20p spins is 82% 50p 84% £1 86% £2 90% something like that
Quite possible, the highest stake on ours at the time was 30p which was generally on 92 or 94%, Mecca machines were set higher than Gala.
It was during the boom years though and the machines were taking a fortune at those settings
Depends on how long you've visiting bingo halls too lol....

Back before the B3's and all these touch screen £500 JP's, there were over 100 AWP's in our local Mecca which were mostly ALL occupied every evening and carried an average RTP of 72%!!!

It was hard to find a seat, the bar always had a cue, the "party bingo" in full swing during the interval and I guarantee the slots still made more for the club.
Bingo Halls is not always about winnings. There is a very important social aspect of it as well.

I can't see any evidence that bingo halls are more profitable than any other business so I guess the RTP they have is what they need to do normal business.
When i worked for gala we ran ALL slots at 84 - 88% On average the slots made about 40% of the total take for the club, Table top bingo was not far behind at around 38% and the rest was from all the other departments. Even our 10p games were on min 80% so 72% would have been grim for the players! But like others have said its more a social element than say arcades etc.

The only place you would normally see 72% back then would be club machines in social, snooker, working mens clubs etc.

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