Dormant account
May 14, 2005
so i have been depositing and recieving money via firepay back and forth betweem merchants...i have been depositing fairly large amounts, i.e 500 to 2000 at times...and now all of a sudden i try and withdraw a little to my bank account from firepay and they are telling me that b/c my account is not active they have imposed a 10 dollar withdrawal fee on every single withdrawal:mad: ..i cant believe that, when i will be making several withdrawals, at least 20, and that is 200 in withdrawal fees...when i email them, i never get a specific response to the fact that i have been transferring money back and forth in large amounts to merchants...all i get is the generic response that b/c i have not kept an active account :confused: ,, that they will impose this fee...i think this is ridiculous and have told firepay this but they keep sending me the same generic email...
has anyone else had this problem and i would like to hear all thoughts /comments on this...
thank you
Yes, this was somewhat a surprise when I first learned of this withdrawal fee, but it was fairly easy to take care of.

What I did to make my account "active" was to fund my Firepay account with a deposit from my bank account. That was some months ago, and ever since I've not had any fee imposed on withdrawals back to my bank account. Hope this helps.

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