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Sep 3, 2022
I hope I'm doing this right . I found here so I figured I should complain here. So silly . On Sept 25 I discovered 12$ i forgot about in my coinbase account . Naturally I want to turn it into 5k lickity split. So I check a few favorites many casinos have 0.1 minimums ...

I landed on minimum deposit 10.81. Perfect I have 11.59 after fees.

After sending I wait and wait. No deposit . Goto live chat and they say og no our minimum is 0.2ltc as stated in our terms basically your screwed jack. I ask if they really want me, a playing paying customer complaining on public forums that u ripped me off for 11.51 .?

Ridiculously he quoted the terms and apologized and ignored my pleas.

I go back to the deposit page wouldn't ya know it they changed it from 10.81 to 0.2LTC . Note the time in the screenshots .

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So sad they just don't credit the account . He send me this saying transfer was only 8.50. I said maybe the casino should have stated that 10.81 united states dollars minimum deposit. I say perfect send it back minus the fees . He pastes rule . And ignored me.


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More nonsense


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Yesterday I asked support if they could read my screen shot . Just to confirm it indeed said minimum deposit 10.81 .

You can read thier reply .

Making the issue my fault again . Hey yell im going to play online. I better clear all cache and double check limits with a few different browsers. Like doesn't everyone do this dance ? So silly were talking about 11.51cad . Less than a half decent lunch .


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This sounds awfully petty to me. You sent the BTC to their wallet, it was received via their BTC address - this they can't deny. And for their customer service reps to argue over a piddly few dollars is unprofessional. They should have blocked the amount that was sent if it was too low, and since they didn't block it, logic should dictate that they would just hold that until you sent a few $$ more.

What a shame that in a competitive environment like this, the first line of customer support made this this gaming experience a miserable one. Just shows inexperience and a lack of training. What a shame. Players will vote with their feet and move on elsewhere. This is covered in Online Casino Customer Service 101 on the first day.

I Really wish title was more descriptive feel free to change .. changing minimum mid punt perhaps
It's been changed for Lord Google. :D
I am just shocked they just didn't credit the account 0.1572LTC. While im a newer customer Ive lost at least 10x that at
. I told chat that I would never deposit here again until this was resolved. I asked if thier direct supervisor knew that this customer was willing to air this out in public forum(s). All over less than a decent meal . Cost of customer acquisition?

I asked for chat log they wouldn't provide . Where's common sense gone. Odds are I would have lost the funds and made 2 more deposits by now .
Some affiliates charge up to €800 (and above) to deliver players. Funny how a poorly trained or mismanaged customer service can throw all of that into the bin for the price of a cup'o java. :rolleyes:

If I was this player, I would have bailed and gone elsewhere AND complained here lol.

Like I said - competition is brutal, and these guys are tossing players to the wind.
Wow I figured a couple hundred tops . It sucks because they actually passed my testing criteria .

Sucks to be them I am 42 years old , no kids, no bills and fairly healthy we could have played for 30+ years.

I think its time for an official complaint.
Closed account if they want to return the ltc, I will say they did . And i may stop posting negative reviews everywhere.

If a casino is going to be like this over 10$. How would i expect them to deal with more serious matters . I imagine if a player played 1 spin .000001 dogecoin over the limit they would confiscate winnings.

Accidentally sign in with vpn active ? Logout and log back in , oh you broke the no vpn rule- confiscate .
Last night I checked history , I signed up aug 22nd and deposited 9.5ltc over many deposits in 5 weeks. So its not like I made 1 welcome offer deposit , I was a paying playing customer.
Hello everyone!

We're so sorry to hear such a situation but let us clarify everything.

The issue was in the "View Casino balance in Fiat" feature. So, if the default balance view in crypto is on, for sure the amount of minimal deposit will be shown accurate and correctly. However, in case you choose balance view in fiat, it just converted the sum not that accurate. Considering that we accept crypto only, it's important to check the minimal amount of deposit in crypto currency.

What's really important, we want to say THANK YOU for pointing that visual bug to us. Currently, we've forwarded all the necessary information to our tech department and we can assure you that everything will work properly.

We clearly understand that such a misunderstanding is not an issue on player's side. Due to that, we would like to offer you the following: we can credit that amount of deposit to your account manually + add Free Spins as a gratitude from our side for mentioning that to our team as well as spending your time on this. Or we can just forward that amount back to your crypto wallet directly (commission is on our side, as usually).
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Deposit was credited , played and lost. 50 f.s. came out to 200mltc and lost.

So silly, im glad I got to remain anonymous. Its so hard to teach common sense. Maybe the cheapest option 24/7 chat support isn't really the best option .

Account will remain open. I don't think I will play tho i suggest you remove rule

6. Amendments are deemed effective immediately upon posting on the Casino website.
If any errors get posted on web site it will immediately become part of the terms . This made my screenshot showing 10.81 minimum deposit the new terms . Also you should state what currency 10.81 Vietnamese is like 0.05 u.s. or .07cad .
Hopefully you just went with crypto then its universal
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