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Apr 11, 2006
Can anybody say enough ?

There may be people in the gambling community that will totally disagree with the following post, but I'm happy to express my total disgust after 3 years in the buisness.

Over the past 6 months i have seen the online gambling system simply fail the online gamblers by making stupid and unfair rules, try every trick in the book to get players money and out right scams.

To start, Affiliate programs such as la islabonita are scammers. I have sent over 90,000 in deposits and yet have made just over 5,000 in profit. I have never recieved an email reply back from my complaint other then an automated one stating they recieved my email. THEY ARE SCAMMERS !

The great and mighty vegas partner affiliate program of course goes down right after they offer a new no deposit bonus so of course I got only 8 new players out of over 300 that viewed the post. Thanks for costing me money vegas partner !

How many online bingo halls are scamming us with the use of robots ? Even the sites ive trusted in the past are starting to look worse then ever with obvious use of robots.

Ever notice how affiliate managers favor certain affiliates and help them get traffic and make money but wont help others ? The grand bay group of casinos is a prime example of this. They play favorites and allow some affiliates to offer free nd bonuses and get sign ups but not others.

Has anybody ever talked to barak from the affiliate program for casinos pays ? he thinks his $30 free is one of the very few casinos that offer a no deposit bonus ! I forget the name of that piece of crap casino but he stated this

" (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
yes we did, when you are receiving a completely FREE money bonus it should be hard to cash out, personaly for me it make sence"

" (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
Sure, It is a FREE bonus, its almost the only place that offers FRRE no deposit requiered"

This was in regards to me asking about a 99x playthrough and then requiring a deposit before being able to cash out. which is pretty well bull crap and everybody reading this knows it. And whats this about one of the only places to offer a no deposit bonus? These people are running these casinos !! And they are that numb in the brain ?

Lets not forget to mention the affiliate manager for casino coins. He asked me to tell people that the promotion he was giving me was an exclusive. I said "its not so why would I tell my customers that." he said they wouldnt know the difference.

And stop spamming me people. I love when affiliates go and grab any email they can and they send out mass emails hoping to get you to sign up and deposit. Of course when you email the actual affiliate programthey say they will look into it. But they don't want the spam to stop. They are making money ! There is no honesty in this buisness anymore and im sure im not the only one tired of it.

Whats with casinos like 32vegas offering toll free numbers when they dont even work ?

why are progressive amounts always wrong? Why do they advertise huge progressive jacpots when they are not telling the truth ? Affiliates all know we can get banners with fake progressive ammounts on them to try and get people to play.

How can people play poker online when there are so many scammers using msn and multiple computers ?

Why is there a need for people like brian the casino meister?

Just take a look at all brian and the staff at this forum have done for online gamblers. Helping them get their winnings, helping them when they shouldnt have too. Read the forum and all the complaints. Should you be gambling online ? Should you have to play your bonus 50x times ? Should you only be able to play slots? What is considered poker? what is not considered poker?

Why do the terms of all casinos say if you try and cashout before you reach the playthrough amount , then all your winnings and and bonus will be void? Do casinos let you see how much you have played through ? We have to of course in most cases take their word for it. Their word for it? After online casinos have proven to be dishonest so much in the past? I think not.

How can microgaming casinos now offer a 100 no deposit bonus or 500 free spins or whatever they offer now? BECAUSE THE SYSTEM IS SET UP TO MAKE SURE YOU DONT WIN ! If they can set up an massive no deposit bonus like that and not lose a bunch of money, what makes people think they cant set up the rest of the games. We know they can. So why are we continuing to play them ?

I have proof casinos are dishonest ( like I need it ) I have proof affiliate mangers at certain casinos are dishonest and everything else is just common knowledge.

I could go on forever and ever about the buisness but honestly, Ive seen enough to know this billion dollar buisness is a billion dollar buisness for a reason. And its not because people are winning. Its because you and I are being ripped off at every chance they get. They should be illegal and I for one hope very soon.

If anybody comes on this post and gives me crap saying they win all they time , remember this: People do win. but don't sit here and tell me casinos can post a 97% payout to winners while at the same time giving affiliates 25-50% earnings all while offering free cars and 100,000 draws. It doesnt make sense and thats why im now finished in this buisnes both as an affiliate and a player. Id be less stressed picking up dog crap off my front lawn.

Thank you

I didn't read it all

However reading part of your post I agree with you in some..

Bingo could be quite a problem, and bots are always used by poker rooms.

However this doesn't mean that there aren't fine operations out there.

On a recent post regarding the amount of casinos out there we were talking of figures of probably 1000 - 2000 gaming sites and a lot of us agreed that probably not even 10% of them are playing by the book and offering quality service.

If you think your gambling days are over, good for you. Its the best decision you can ever make.

You can still help with your 2 cents from time to time. I enjoy reading all sorts of points of view.
Yes to a certain extent, some casino's out there are total CRAP. Agreed. But if you educate yourself as a player and only play with money you are willing to lose, then I don't think there is anything wrong with casino's that operate on the level. But then again do your homework. The 97% payout they are claiming is what is paid out to all players, it is never a gaurantee that if you do say 100 spins, you get 97% of your bets back... In the end you are competing with the other players of the casino, not really the casino itself. That 3% is simply a commission for providing a service. The fact that MOST players can't seem to find the withdrawal button, or have a direct link to the reverse withdrawl button, only serves to assure that that casino gets to hold onto more money for longer and with that money they make investments. This is the true gold of any casino, interest free money. Seriously, wouldn't you love that too? That is why they do everything in thier power to avoid a withdrawal. This is actually how casino's make money. It is not that 3%. I am betting that the 3% doesn't even cover thier operating expenses. Which makes it doubly important that you ensure you are playing with a legitimate casino with all the necessary insurance in place.
I'd also like to address your assumption that no deposit bonuses are impossible to cash out on. Personally I have cashed out on many many no deposit bonuses, and that has fueled itself into plenty of winnings by myself. But then again I take a stance as an educated player. I know what my limitations are and do not exceed them.
Thank you for replying

I dont think i need to educate myself anymore because education of the buisness is the reason Im ticked off in the first place. I know too much and have seen too much and I can't honestly promote a buisness that myself would not spend my money on.

have cashed out on many many no deposit bonuses, and that has fueled itself into plenty of winnings by myself.

Yes, I agree you can win, but not much and not many people do. Maybe a poll?

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