Favorite / "loosest" slots and why?


May 18, 2005
wife is spending my poker winnings on slots (GASP!) so I thought I would check with the pros and get some ideas on what slots she should be playing.
None! Make her stop. Seriously!

Besides that I don't think theres much difference in payouts - which means they're all really bad. The only thing that matters is to play at the casino with the best promotions/loyalty program.
Well I wouldn't really recommend microgaming, their slots pay only about 95%. Although if you are going to, you could do worse than sign up with the Belle Rock group as they all have slots signup promotions.

Harrods slots are much better and pay out >98%

Wagerworks casinos are also excellent, and all have posted payout percentages, which AIR, are pretty high, definitely well over 95%, but don't remember the exact numbers

Careful where you play as some slots payouts are even worse than microgamings

I would avoid realtimegaming slots as their software is totally tweakable, which basically means that the slots could be paying out 80% and you wouldn't know.

Cryptologic casinos also have low payout rates.

I would probably go for a Wagerworks casino over the rest, as their games are nice licensed properties, which should appeal, such as Baywatch, Wheel of Fortune, The Price Is Right, etc.

And all with posted payout % too, but take care, as it varies with coin size - they often take more money at lower coins (although this might not be a bad thing, as a higher percentage of less money is probably elss money :)).
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I disagree with Oebro & partly with thelawnet - slots can be fun AND be profitable if you use a little good strategy and a lot of common sense.

I've only been playing them about 9-months, and have been pleasantly surprised by my results. I will shortly be posting my stats for MG & Crypto slots over that period in a new thread.

MG 9-line bonus video slots have become my favourite for playing experience. They look great, are good fun, and usually pay well enough to keep a small amount of cash spinning for a long time. :thumbsup:

Crypto's are better if you're after a big win, but of course, the drawback is they eat your cash quicker in-between the features.

I don't rate Harrods at all. They only have 3 (I think), pretty basic, and not available in the US anyway(?).

RTG's are too crappy for my liking, and if thelawnet is correct about tweaking payout (which seems VERY likely), definitely to be avoided. :(

I like the Wagerworks one's, but rarely play them due to the lack of deposit bonuses.
Thanks! It was great apart from the coach journey to and from Czech Rep to Croatia which I expected to take 7-8 hours, but was actually 17 hours! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Two whole weeks without gambling a penny - and I didn't even get 'the shakes'! :cool:

Will post my slot stats tonight - if 'the boss' lets me get on the PC for an hour or two!

I am very interested in your experiences too. I have just started playing. MG definitely has the best looking, most fun slots. I have had decent success. That is all I have been playing lately. I would love to hear any strategies too. The new Golden Goose slots are fun too(they came out yesterday.)
drawdead.com said:
wife is spending my poker winnings on slots (GASP!) so I thought I would check with the pros and get some ideas on what slots she should be playing.

I think Microgaming slots give the best payoffs if you're in the right place, right time. Sometimes a small bet can reap a nice result if you happen to be the lucky one. RTG slots seem to pay more frequently in smaller amounts that are many times less than the wagered amount... giving the impression that you are winning when in fact your credits are diminishing. Set an amount that you're willing to lose on a specific slot machine... and if you lose that amount, then move on to another slot. Staying on a losing machine with the mindset that it's got to hit eventually has been the ruin of my bankroll many a times.
Try Microgaming's Jungle Jim slot, the bonus spins seem to come around often, and it seems to pay well. It's probably my favorite MG slot now. Tally Ho is another one I like, because of the 4x multiplier on the free spins :D

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