Fairgo Casino should take a note of their namesake

Adam Randall

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I signed up with $20 with a bonus of 77% and 77 Spins on I think it was the rooster game.

Now like most consumers, I tick the correct boxes at the time of deposit and expect it is taken care of. So I lose the deposit which I fully expected would happen and go to play my 77 spins and find they are not there.

Check my browser window which only remembers the bonus code if it was successfully entered & I clearly remember tickting the bonus code box on deposit mainly because this has happened before & I thought it was something I was doing wrong.

I wanted those 77 spins and so made sure the box was ticked. Now sure I should maybe have noticed the 77% not added to the $20 however I did not really pay attention at that point. Why should I, their systems should be intuitive and work and if they do not then it should be on them to sort it out after all that is what a fair go is all about, doing the right thing and not fleecing customers for either poorly designed interface or a stuff up with the software.

So I go to get my 77 spins and contacted lives support. Some of these live support people are very good, there are a number that are just so abrasive and rude in such a needless way. I understand its a job that is not your ideal but suck it up and do it properly while you are there. Stop behaving in such an unprofessional way even if the casino lets you get away with it, it just reflects poorly on your character.

So the guy completely ignored my question and said "Your cashback amount is now in your account" So instead of 77 spins and 77% of $20, I get 25% of $20
Not exactly a fair go in my book.

When I said that was not what I asked, he said "too late, you need to mention this before you gamble"
In theory, I can sort of see why this was in place however, it is a problem on their side and they should shoulder responsibility and give their customers a fair go instead of being shifty and hiding behind strict rules and regulations.

That is all I have to say & I look forward to the Casino apologists that will explain in detail why this situation is my fault and how the casino has not done anything wrong. I love those responses, they fill me with joy. It makes me wonder is some here get some type of kick back for thinking this way.

Adam Randall

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Thanks mate, I have played there a number of times and this is my first negative encounter.

I will send the person a message and see what can be done.

Adam Randall

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Tried again and got the same rude attitude from the online help. Stuff them, plenty of competition and it might be a drop in the ocean but the $2-300 I have been depositing there monthly like clockwork on the last day of the month will go to one of many other choices.

The people who run online casinos really need to train these frontline staff because many of them use tactics like disconnecting or ignoring questions, being abrupt or abrasive.

The guy I just interacted with has cost them at least $200 tonight and all because he was rude and disconnected me rather than trying to answer the question.

For why did he behave this way, over 77 spins at 12 cents a spin, would have been through it in 20 mins, not even $10 and they lose $2-300 over that..........

Like I said, drop in the ocean but how many drops do they miss out on because of this behaviour?

When I ran my own business and had a help desk, if I had have caught any one of my staff conducting themselves in that way, I would have them turfed out on their ear.