Executive Committee Members as Players with complaints


Dormant account
Dec 12, 2000
Some of the members of the OPA Executive Committee are players, and like all players, we sometimes have problems with casinos.

What should we do in such case? What special conditions should we observe?


Well the member should post about it here and we could take it from there.

We say its ok for a casino to choose who they want to play, but when they exercise that right we get all upset over it.

I just think it is important that we discuss things before going on the warpath with a casino.


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001
I agree - known committee members can cause all sorts of complications by independently starting a bashing campaign and we need to know about it before the event so that we can either resolve it privately or give it more teeth.

If there's a beef bring it here first.

I think we also need to start looking at an education campaign perhaps through the medium of the newsletter.

That could have two facets - expected behaviour on account locking by an OPA casino, perhaps looking at it as a business problem along the lines Betty suggested elsewhere, and from a player perspective.

How do players feel about giving some non-bonus action to a casino or is it (and I am definitely not trying to be provocative here) unrealistic to expect players to give non-bonus action to any casino when there are so many bonus offers flying around?


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Mar 27, 2001
My 2 cents worth- committe member have exactly the same rights as non committee members-however they should exclude themselves from any decision making process on a complaint of their own or a pending complaint on the same casino by another.

It would probably advisable to publicly postthey have excluded themselves and have an alternate member stand in.

The comment could be made by some that it is still "biased" due to the other committee member knowing each other- however a lot of us feel "friendly" through the boards contacts so that type of inference could probably be ignored.

As to bonus/nonbonus- I think that is a matter of choice of the player- and of the casino NOT to offer bonuses if they feel it is abused. Personally I rarely play for bonuses except on trying out a casino as I like the option to cashout whenever I like. I also find the casinos I play freqiently at give them to me unasked becasuse of the level of play.



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Sep 3, 2003
What? Play without a bonus?

This is not too much to ask if you are talking about a reputable site with sound backing. Unfortunately most of the bonus offers come from not so solid casinos with questionable software providers. In those cases the risk of putting money into their casinos should be worth a monetary incentive.