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Apr 30, 2004
Washington State, USA
I was just wondering if anyone else got an email saying that they had won 500,000 euros from the world lottery, blah blah blah. I got this email on an account that receives nothing but casino mail, so I know that some casino sold my email to this spammer. If anyone else got this Email we could compare notes and figure out who is whoring our personal information out on the web.
angahar said:
Oh dang I just sent them my bank account#, SS#, credit card#, phone#, my favorite#, and my lucky#. I hope they pay me and are not trying to cheat me!

LOL! :lolup: I hope my info got there before yours, I want the money first!
Dang, now I know what I did wrong!

I never sent them my favorite number or my lucky number! :eek:

No wonder that instead of filling up my bank account they drained it. :eek2:

The lottery scam is about as prevelent as the Nigerian scams that keep circulating. Just hit delete.
Yeah I already did but since this is the only spam I have ever received on this account I was curious as to what casino is spewing our information all over the web. This Email address is exclusively used for casinos and gets nothing but casino mail. I was hoping a bunch of people got this spam at the same time so we could tell. Oh well . . .
What irritates me the most is this kind of scam emails have all sort of spelling mistakes in them. I wish they could learn how to spell first before they start scamming people. It is a dead give away.

I think we should start forwarding those emails between these scammers. I have received various scam emails ranging from Nigeria, other african countries, some million lottery from Spain. We should send the Nigerian scam email to the World lottery, send the world lottery to other scammers and vice versa. That would be fun!
The 'mistakes' in spelling in spam mails are fully intentional. The do this so that keyword filtering programs won't detect and purge them.

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