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Experienced Member
Oct 17, 2015
Melbourne, Australia
Played Dota 2 since its classic Warcraft 3 mod days and over the years have had a love/hate relationship with it (have uninstalled and reinstalled it countless times). It is no different to gambling as it has so many RNG enforced portions to it.

Some parts of it were always RNG even in the classic days (some hero abilities and some items) but these days its even more RNG that gets the wins to keep the player base up by enforcing a as close as possible 50% win rate on all players.

If you play extremely good every game it gives you so many games that no matter how well you play individually your teammates are just that bad vs a super coordinated enemy team that you have absolutely 0% chance of winning (plenty of threads in dedicated forums for the game of others experiencing exactly the same thing).

They further expanded the RNG factor to it last year by providing random free item drops in jungle.

Either way just like gambling, its fun when we win and super frustrating when we keep losing but no matter what we always end up slipping back into our old habits :)