EPassporte Out of Business


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I remember reading back in (I think) early September, that VISA had ceased all operations with Epassporte, which really threw a wrench into their operations. I believe that they used a Virtual Visa card to transfer funds back and forth..something like that.

It now appears that they have been unable to recover from this and have closed their doors for good.

Not sure if anyone here uses, or used, them...but thought I would post it just in case.

Letter sent to clients:

Dear ,

It is with great regret we inform you that ePassporte must close its doors due to a lack of revenue and circumstances beyond our control.

Effective immediately, the call center, ePassporte’s sales and marketing team and risk management staff will no longer be available. A small group will remain to organize wallet requests and help disburse funds. On the ePassporte website, in the near future, wallet holders will be provided further information on what is needed to obtain your funds. This will mainly be a process to protect wallet holder funds from fraud. We expect this will be a simplified process, and as we receive the necessary information, our small remaining staff will process requests as quickly as they can. Please direct your wallet questions, concerns and requests to

For those of you with funds on your Visa Accounts, we are informed that St. Kitts Bank is working on a plan to provide everyone with full access to their funds through their Visa Electron Cards or by bank wire transfers and will inform you accordingly.

We appreciate your support for the ePassporte program over the past 7 years and deeply regret we must close our doors at this difficult time.


And from the St. Kitts/Nevis Observer:

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October 5 -- According to published reports, U.S.-based ePassporte is closing its business operations, just about one month after its Visa privileges were suspended on September 2.

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