Don't Play Moonshine


This has to be the tightest MG game yet. Over 800 spins before I get the bonus round, and then when I do finally get it, the Start Free Spin symbol comes up at the first pick. :mad: :mad:


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hbears341 said:
...and then when I do finally get it, the Start Free Spin symbol comes up at the first pick. :mad: :mad:
LOL. Dont you just hate the games with random free spins and multipliers :)


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I really do hate random multipliers & spins. And Moonshine is either hot hot or cold cold. One of those games that you only stop for a short visit, and if you don't hit the bonus, move on. Plus, the game itself is not that much fun to play. What I have noticed is that if I get a really horrible bonus round, it almost always gives me another bonus round right away.


Just one more spin pleez!
Already gave this the thumbs down after playing when first released because of MY initial 800+ spins before bonus and then I got around 700 (7.00) in bonus win had a multiplier and lots of spins..haven't touched it since the first week it came out..

I even figured out the one and only investment I made with this slot in a previous thread....800 x $1.25 = Way too much! :eek: This slot is either :xxx you or making you :puke:

Yep, on my list of NEVER play again...:eek:


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tennis_balls said:
thanks for the tip.....i guess i'll go back to knocking down helicopters and smashing labs :D

LOL yeah the hulk is superb fun. Great memories, especially since first time I saw it me and mate were playing it like pub fruity and after he'd dropped 150 on his account I gave him a 20 to play the last of his money and promptly smashed my way to the lab for 500 :)

Drunken screeches of smash the tank made my day!