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I knew was scum, but they give the cashouts to, and they also locked my account, with major money inside. They didn't even contact me, and now they ignore my e-mails. I am a totaly legit customer and lets demand some action...
this is from PlayersVegas, a sister:

We appreciate playing with us. However, you are
just playing the "Bonus Game" at our Casinos by
rolling the same dollars over and over again.

Under the "Terms of Use", that you agreed to when you
Registered, we have the right under item 11:

11. Management reserves the right to refuse and/or
close any account at any time.

We did not close your accounts because that makes it
impossible to make withdraws from the Casinos and you
did not do anything that would cause us to hold your money.
We would be very happy to continue your accounts
and possibly reinstate the bonus program at a future date,
if you truly want to gamble.

I am sorry our staff did not previously inform you of
our actions.

Robert Hamilton
Casino Manager

At least I eventually got an answer, this was after 3 or 4 emails. I finally got my last check from DirectNetPay today- after they supposedly sent a check a month ago that mysteriously disappeared in the mail. Good luck! I feel very lucky to have gotten my money.
No matter who you contact (Directnetpay, casinosupport, casinomanager) - it's the same sucker answering email.

Total scam. I believe they have a new POS sister -
I won 5000 at goldbetting on august 31 they aprroved it and sent it to directnetpay. directnetpay said they would send 1000 they sent email saying 920 check and 80 would be sent to my bank have not seen it no respnse to emails from directnetpay.

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Lucille - sending it to Directnetpay means the casino is sending it to themselves.

Casinomeister might be able to help you if the money doesn't show up within reasonable time. But I believe Der Meister is on his way to the states. So it'll take while.
I have a cheque from directnetpay for $1170 that was meant to be sent out on the 25th of July, so about 7 weeks ago, and theres still no sign of it.

Unlike others that seem to have trouble with this group i have not been locked out of either the casino or directnetpay and the transaction is sitting there on my history page as completed.

I am thinking this could be an honest mistake on their behalf, but the clowns simply dont reply to emails i must have sent about 6.

Anyway i was wondering if the meister might be able to sort this one out for me

I would advise anyone who has an account at any Wager21 casino to cashin and close their account immediately. During the G2E, I spoke with a rep from IGT and it looks like some legal process is in motion.

As you may (or may not) know, Wager21 is violating IGT's trademarks. This has been reported on extensively at Casinomeister, and it's time for some of you to take some action before IGT does.
Up date on money they owe me they put 80 into my account and then they sent me two checks one for 1500 and one for 1000 they still owe me 2400 whill i ever get it?
After all my complaints DIRECTNETPAY sent all of our $5000.00 We are now paid if full. Thank you GOLDBETTING for your late but paid in full account.
Can you help me please casinomeister?

I have filled out a pitch a bitch but havent heard back from you?
My "pitch a bitches" piled up while I was gone, and I'll be hammering away at them tomorrow during my first official day back from work.

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