Derby Dollar $16,000 Random Jackpot hit last night.


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Jun 4, 2003
Did anyone (other than myself) notice that yesterday "ALL" the Real Series Games were pulled from iNetBet Casino? I did the Casinomeister Tempting Tuesday Promotion and deposited before noticing that all the real series games were pulled off their site and could not be played all day.

NOW...I see this morning that someone hit the Derby Dollar Random Jackpot upon them being put back up last night on a .40 cent bet. I think this is rather odd that after all the talk about the last 3 times the random was hit on Cleo Gold it was the same person and only after betting $10 a spin then yesterday the real series games were pulled then hit on .40 upon being put back up.

All this makes me wonder why they were pulled off their casino for the day? Maybe iNetBet will come and address why they were removed and reply to someone else's question on the random jackpot and bet size.
Hi lovetogamble,

In reply to your post yes somebody did win the Derby Dollars Jackpot on just a 40c bet. However this has nothing to do with the games being down.

We are taking down all of the games one by one. The reason for this is simply a server/database upgrade. We decided to run it this way rather than taking all of the games down for an extended period.

This update has been planned for some time so as to try to improve server speed. This should make the games run more smoothly for the players.
You will have noticed today if you played that Blackjack was down earlier and now Classic Slots are down.

We have informed players of this via the scrolling message in the casino lobby. Hopefully we should have everything completed by tomorrow morning. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

I am so glad you guys are going that! The real serie games have ran so slow on my computer ever since the new games came out.

Darn, I just tried for that jackpot two days ago:((

Don't Know

I don't know if she visits this forum, but she is a moderator for another gambling forum and seems to be very well liked there...although I do not know her personally.:)

Hello everyone! I just now got registered here and thought I would post. I have never been here before but have heard GREAT things about this forum!!! I DID win the random jackpot over $16,000 in Derby Dollars at iNetBet!!! I was betting 40 cents a spin (I almost ALWAYS bet that on most slots!) I got my money FAST to my NETeller and iNetBet were WONDERFUL about it. I had congratulations e-mails from them and everything. I e-mailed them and told them about my post at The Winning Streak on the win and they e-mailed back and told me about this post, so I thought I would check it out. I LOVE iNetBet and and play there almost ALL THE TIME! I am NOT a big time gambler, I put in ten or twenty whenever I have a few extra dollars and they are great about giving bonuses etc. I did NOT use a bonus when I won this jackpot thank goodness!!! Anyways, I just want you all to know you CAN win these random jackpots and I am proof that you DO NOT need to be a HIGHROLLER. Oh yeah, I won a $1700 random jackpot on Cleopatras Gold when these slots were pretty new. I don't remember where it was at though it has been so long ago, lol.​
Congrats Judy ! :thumbsup:

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