Its just a coincidence. Right?


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Oct 14, 2020
No screens shots for this post so you'll just have to take my word for it. Was playing Fruit Stack Deluxe on Poker Stars last night. It's a nice game 96.5% RTP, has free spin and bonus possibilities and has decent wins mid game. Anyway, thanks to the UKGC I knew I had wagered exactly £17.63 at 60p per spin when I hit the free spin bonus (odd amount due to converting $'s to £'s) . Now keep that odd conversion amount in mind because the free spins were in Sterling, no converting back to dollars. Awarded 9 free spins with random multipliers I clicked for fame and fortune. Nine spins later I saw my bonus win: £17.63. Now publicly, I'm not a foil hat conspiracy theorist but privately, hell yea its rigged.

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Indeed, play games long enough using one's experiences as a paying customer, one'll soon discover all these quaint little reoccurences (they're not 'patterns' you see, as each spin is independent of each other and ZZZZzzzz)

The number of times I'd slaved away at some mediocre slot (all of them) for what seems like half the day, losing a certain amount, only to have the eventual bonus give me back the exact amount is uncanny. If I was to collect those instances and print them off I'd have enough paper to fill my bathroom (its true home)

And it's been apparent to me for the longest time how slots you've been playing 'a lot', whether it be in one sitting or over several, will start granting wins in the most peculiar ways once near busting out. One could argue that it's just pure chance, that the game doesn't adjust itself and that each spin is independent of the ones that preceded itZZZZzzzzzz

.....or one could argue that the game's programmed to play dependent on the user's balance, and react accordingly to convey a sense that the slot is merely 'heating up' so that the player redeposits. I'm still not sure which I believe 🤔
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They are 100% random unsure to why anyone would think differently, patterns oh yer, problem is you've not done enough spins, call me when you've reached a billion plus )
This has happened to me several times including hearing the scatters drop in fir a feature within 5 spins of hearing it.
So Majestic Gold Megaways got released today however the DEMO version on sites they forgot to remove a function that clearly controls how wins are handled.

Screenshots are below.



Now the 2 above aren't fully concerning because it has been known for some time now that some members on here that do reviews of slots have buttons in IsoftBet games to simulate max wins etc and force events to display for testing reasons but once I add screenshot 3 this is where it becomes disturbing, a sub menu in scenario's has the sub group pop up after clicking on it.

Notice the keywords PROD and SHOW near the bottom left.
This means that this code is in the final product (PROD = PRODUCTION SYSTEM which in IT basically means a live server and not test server).
Not sure if anyone else has experience this with ISoftBet and i'm sure other providers too (except new ones that you have barely even tried or lost any money to in the last). But because I deposit so much and lose so much overall whenever a game is new it feels like these payout very easily to this account flags are set on my account and I get get very big win relevant to the bet size fairly easily and fast but then after that win on that game no matter which casino I play it at it feels like its dead compared to when I originally played it and just rinses my balance in no time.
Due to my deposits and bet sizes I tend to be invited into VIP very fast at just about any casino I Have played at and it feels to me the people on here that keep defending the developers/casino's saying it is 100% random must only ever play games on auto and minimum bet if they truly believe in the comments they post because anyone who has played the way I do will have seen and noticed the same patterns where fairly volatile games are fairly easy to bonus on while doing $5 bets etc as soon as they come out and fairly quickly and easily give out 300 - 1000x wins to get you hooked on them and think they always pay like this. Strangely enough when playing those same games on $5 I tend to hit the feature way faster that any time I am grinding them on minimum bet although it once they have paid their initial big wins after release it not uncommon to have pathetic 10x - 20x features etc.
What is to stop a casino management system which has your login details from communicating with the game developers API as it sends your details in and setting some of these flags automatically to your account as a promotion to the new game. Most of my luck has been terrible lately at all providers but up until they disappeared for AU over the last few weeks after being bought out by IGT IsoftBet definitely stood out at paying back way worse than usual in all games as opposed to when they first came out etc and some members in an AU only forum have all agreed they feel the same way about not being able to win on them lately like they used to be able to.
Its sad that after our new law came in 2017 banning a lot of the good casinos and operators (MG and NetEnt were first to leave but a lot of others followed in the last year due to ACMA getting more strict on their crackdowns and enforcement like Relax and now IsoftBet) that in the post MG and NetEnt days IsoftBet were practically an unknown company but used Australia as one of their main markets (very grey at the time) to help them get off the ground but now just like No Limit City the COVID lockdowns around the world has dramatically increased their turnover due to many more new people that never used to gamble online taking it up over the last 2 years that right now is the perfect time to sell as you will never get an opportunity again of the books looking so good for max price for that sale that I even mentioned in our AU private group that it feels like IsoftBet have dramatically reduced the RTP to us AU players and it feels like the games are totally dead but after seeing that Majestic Megaways Demo and the option available in there does not surprise me that since they were in talks for buyout and knew they would have to leave AU market what we have been seeing the last few month and feeling like the games are broken when in fact that is just the normal volatility of their games after they remove our honeymoon pay reels for bigger wins to make us think that the RTP on the game is way better than it really is initially. Example Aztec Gold Megaways on the first night it came out got a 1000x in the 20 free spins I made at the casino with the deposit, followed by a 300x one on $6 and then 550x one on $20 all on the same release evening that it got added to the game list, have not have wins like any of those or even close to them since on that game, what are the odds of that being random.

Wont be able to prove this but also have very high suspicions that the payment processors that handle the withdrawals for all the casinos do some sort of data sharing about every customer to all the casinos relating to deposits, withdrawals etc so even casinos that aren't part of the same group as a sister casino know just how much you withdrew last week etc. The way I am marketed and added to VIP fairly quickly just about everywhere (which just means this is a VIP sucker to fill our coffers much more quickly than all the others so its worth letting him have a decent withdrawal or two because it will all come back fairly quickly in deposits), there are too many coincidences with a mate of mine that got his balance over 30k a month and a bit ago playing the exact same style as me (we both take risks and push our luck with relatively small deposits, although there may be multiple in an evening by betting way above most peoples comfort zones not being scared about busting out) and we tested playing exactly the same games to compare out luck. He would keep cleaning up over n over while I would be lucky to even get above starting balance on 1 feature after which all games go ice cold with the only payout they are performing is returning my RTP to lower denomination after taking it from you at the higher bet size (effectively cooking the books). He had a balance over 30k but as a lot of us have done in the past by being greedy idiots didn't know when to press collect eventually putting it all back in without withdrawing then spent the next few weeks doing odd small deposits of $50 or $100 which he would regularly get up to around 2k on every second deposit (what are the odds of this in a "RANDOM" world. However after a big payment he was waiting on all week came through he did another bunch of deposits and initially got it to around the same amount he had it a month ago at which point I told him to collect and not be stupid and put it all back in again. Surprisingly he actually got the balance to peak over 100k over the weekend but pushed his luck way too far where at one point he went over his bottom line of 80k to almost 40 but then luckily had a 27k win to get some of it back just as he was about to give up.|
Out other mate we were with on he weekend told him to at least withdraw a few deposits to get the withdrawal process started and avoid any possible problems in future and surprise surprise after he did send the requests and KYC in his casino login no longer had had the magic luck flag on any game he jumps on any more where he was complaining saying either the games or his account is broken.
My accounts used to feel on fire just like his one but had an insane win and withdrawal spree in 2019 and 2020 between a lot of casinos (most of them were not using same payment processor at the time) however from mid 2020 went through a completely disastrous one and ever since just when I finally hit a 10k plus withdrawal somewhere and think OK looks like the goo dluck streak may finally be back every other casino rinses me in no time almost as if they knew I won and withdrew that and they are just playing turns in withdrawals to keep me from completely getting over it and quit gambling all together.

As was already mentioned in this thread I am sure more dirty secrets will come out and in 5 years or so from now everyone will realize just how shady and non random this industry is and everything is controlled to funnel as much money as possibly off players and prevent them from "being too lucky".

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