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Jan 2, 2003
Over the past 4 weeks I've made deposits into 3 microgaming casinos, gaming club, desert dollar and cinema casino. On each occasion I have received the same "There has been a problem with your transaction.....please try again later" message. On each occasion the $ have shown as having been taken from my neteller acoount. I have then had to phone the casino help desk, who ask me for a neteller transaction #, phone neteller for a transaction # and then phone the casino back with the number. The casino then invariably take at least 3 days to track the $ down and credit my account. Once was annoying, twice really annoying, 3 from 3 is ridiculous, Neither neteller nor casinos claim to have knowledge of the reason for this. Has anyone else experienced this problem, its the last time I'll depsit into microgaming casinos unless I can work it out. Other software works just fine.
Hi Ratman, I've not heard of this type of thing happening at all with Neteller. If you are able to track down the problem I'd be interested to know what might have caused it. Have a good one.
i had this problem at capital casino.

slow responses from the casino didnt help matters, emailed neteller in the end who seemed to take action as the money appeared in my account (but capital support didnt even get back to me, and still havent)
Cinema corrected the problem within a few hours, which was a good response. Still no idea of the reasons for it though.

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