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Hi Guys,

The title says it all. I joined an online casino a couple of months back and lost my first deposits - this time, stupidly, I won (a little) and have received an e-mail that requires me to verify myself including statements that prove my deposits. Now surely, a statement is only sent by a bank monthly so last nights deposit won't show up on a paper statement for up to a month.

I have to wait a month just because this time I tried to withdraw?

Who is being protected by this procedure? Surely a verification should have been performed long before my rather awkward win?

Thanks all,



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I'm guessing this is an RTG casino, right?
They are the only ones I know who always ask for this ID.

Is it CM accredited? Only it seems OOT to me to ask for proof of your actual deposits - they normally accept any recent bank & utility statement.

If you name the casino, people here will be in a better position to help/advise...



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Are you sure they didnt ask for proof of your name and address. Ive NEVER seen a casino ask for proof that your dep was made by via bank statement. What if you used a gift card? I think they mean the envelope of the bank statement that shows it addressed to you with thier logo on the corner. If it is what you said, use an old one that shows one of your deposits from a month ago. Same proof right?

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