Customize Your Avatar: How To?


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Jan 20, 2004
Every now and then I hear from someone who is having trouble with their avatar. Often they're trying to set their avatar to be a custom graphic or a picture from their computer and they just can't make it work.

As with so many other things on this message board system it's bog-easy ... once you know how. Okay, so here's how you do it:

Start by going to your User Control Panel: scroll to the top of any forum page and click on 'User CP':

Now you're on the User CP page. The main action is on the left side which is a loaded nav bar for the User CP section. Click on 'Edit Avatar' in the 'Settings & Options' section:

(Note that 'Edit Profile Picture' in the 'Your Profile' section is something completely different. This is to upload a picture that people will see when they go to your Profile page. Profile Picture ≠ Avatar.)

Okay, now you are on the 'Edit Avatar' page:

You'll see your current avatar (if you have one), a bunch of goofy default avatars which we can ignore for the purposes of this discussion, and the section at the bottom that interests us:

Just follow the steps to upload and start using an avatar of your own making and/or choosing.

NB: the little 'Note:' text under the 'Option 2' box in step #2 tells you what limits you have on the image you are trying to upload. If your image exceeds those limits your upload will probably fail. Resize your image to be within limits -- you'll have to do this on your own, tools are not provided to do that -- and try again.

If all goes well the system will upload your graphic or image, refresh the page and show you what you've got. If your selection appears in the 'Your Current Avatar' box at the top of the page you're good to go!


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Mar 6, 2007
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Dang, do I feel stupid, Max! On the flip side, me totally embarrassing myself caused you to write this excellent how-to for the computer illiterate!!! :oops:

Thank You, Max. :)