Crystal Palace Casino group - best avoided


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Apr 4, 2005
I just downloaded a casino of theirs, out of curiousity:

America's Online Casino,

The login screen says "America's Online Casino"

The lobby says "Golden Nile Casino"

The promotions link says "American Grand Casino"

The terms for those promotions goes to a page on Crystal Palace casino saying "Terms and conditions for Crystal Palace Casino"


Needless to say, I'm taking it no further.....

Very shady.

And that's before you get into the bullshit about

"As a Platinum Certified Casino, all of our games, odds and payouts are constantly monitored by an independent organization to ensure fair play and sufficient resources to operate with the highest standards equaling Las Vegas."

Their casinos in full:

American Grand Casino
America's Online Casino
Crystal Palace Casino
Golden Nile Casino
High Rollers Lounge
Lucky Coin Casino
Lucky Pyramid Casino
Royal Circus Casino
Vegas Frontier Casino

Needless to say, Kahnawake licensing is a joke. (funny that they still say they are "Legally licensed by the Government of Costa Rica" despite having the worthless Kahnawake logo at the bottom - which doesn't actually link to the Kahnawake site, as required by their regulations)
Leapords and Spots.

Seems they have lost interest in going straight then!
They should not be using Safebet, as it no longer exists in it's original form, and seems now to be an advertising portal with a forum buried at the bottom that makes it clear how "reputable" Crystal Palace are (unless they have removed the posts).
I am not cetain they are actually licensed in Kawanake in the first place, but the logo used to mean something till recently.

The best way to play here is on free chips (NOT ones that require any deposit beforehand). They will very likely not pay, but it is entertaining having a go, and it costs them money and they make none back!

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