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Jan 17, 2024
If casino IS under maltan gambling license (Unibet). I close My account indefinitely (i have a gambling problem), and i go chatting with them, they Ask me questions why you want to reopen and problem gambling related questions also. They opened My Account in 5minutes and i Lost 1000€. Arent they supposed to give me The cooling off period? Their sister casinos Also knew that i have a gambling problem, cause they were closed too.
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When reopening an account [after self-exclusion], it is recommended that operators encourage players to utilise responsible gaming tools. The player may be granted access after at least a 24-hour cooling-off period for a definite exclusion, and 7 days for an indefinite exclusion.

The key is going to be how your account was closed initially:
  • if you self-excluded, then the 24 hour rule should apply,
  • if you closed your account by other methods, it is possible that information isn't recorded on your account correctly (e.g. they were not told, they "forgot" to write it down) or the cooldown period isn't applicable (e.g. mandatory steps become optional, and casinos will thus skip them).
Unibet are accredited here, so if you don't get a satisfactory response from them in due course (@Unibet Rep) the Player ArBitration service becomes an option.
I closed my account indefinitely. I self-excluded yes. Then after 3 months i whined them to open IT, opening happened in 5minutes. I Lost over 1000€. then closed IT The next Day. I have proof of everything. Their other casinos know about My gambling problem and i believe Unibet does too cause they asked me problem gambling related questions. Unibet give me a answer, havent received a answer from you guys why.

Hey my friend - had to delete those images/files as they contain personal details etc.

If you want to repost them, please black out the names, and e-mails etc.

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As it'll likely be removed because it contains sensitive personal information - the SAR contains two live chat conversations, the first relates to reopening the account (4th May 2023) and the second relates to requesting the chat log from the day before (5th May 2023).

The questions being asked by CS:
CS: Kiitoksia! Voidaan tosiaan katsoa tilin avaamista tässä chatissa. Vastuullisen pelaamisen nojalla ja avausprosessimme mukaisesti haluaisin kysyä sinulta ensiksi pari kysymystä, onko sinulla nyt hetki aikaa?
CS: Hienoa, kertoisitko ensiksi, miksi olet aikoinaan sulkenut tilisi?
CS: Okei, kiitos vastauksesta. Koetko, että pelaaminen olisi taukosi jälkeen mukavaa ajanvietettä, toki vastuullisissa rajoissa?
CS: Hyvä kuulla! Yleisesti vielä pelaamisesta, mielestämme pelaaminen on jaettu vastuu ja tarjoamme siihen erilaisia työkaluja, kuten tappiorajan. On kuitenkin viimekädessä teidän omalla vastuullanne käyttää niitä ja olet myös itse vastuussa omasta pelaamisestasi. Oletko samaa mieltä asiasta?
CS: Hyvä kuulla, kiitos vastauksistasi. Odotatko pienen hetken, niin järjestelen tuon tilisi avaamisen

roughly translated as:
CS: Thank you! You can actually watch opening an account in this chat. Based on responsible gaming and in accordance with our opening process, I would like to ask you a couple of questions first, do you have a moment now?
CS: Great, would you first tell me why you closed your account in the past?
CS: Okay, thanks for the answer. Do you feel that playing would be a nice pastime after your break, within responsible limits of course?
CS: Good to hear! About playing in general, we think playing is a shared responsibility and we offer different tools for it, such as a loss limit. However, it is ultimately your own responsibility to use them and you are also responsible for your own playing. Do you agree with that?
CS: Good to hear, thanks for your answers. If you wait a little while, I will arrange to open that account

Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any mention of self-exclusion there (just standard re-opening procedures). Additionally, be aware the clock is against you given this happened in May 2023 - I don't know the precise procedures for MGA, but six months is when things start to decay (and many rights are forfeit after twelve months).

Hopefully the rep will be able to answer your questions.
To be fair, it's unlikely you would have discovered a cure for gambling addiction within the 24 hour cool down period.
Yes. Why would My account Be closed? They dont have any chat history from me. They had buttons to close For x y z period of Time and indefinitely. I closed IT indefinitely. They have The proof about that. And about The cure, as a gambling addict i know that The cooling off period would help. Thats why its Called impulsive gambling.
To be fair, it's unlikely you would have discovered a cure for gambling addiction within the 24 hour cool down period.
For sure, it's one piece of an increasingly difficult puzzle. Similarly, it'll depend on what was said to CS in February 2023.

Operators have become a lot tighter on self-exclusion refunds - because of the rampant self-exclusion fraud that has occurred in recent years - and unfortunately people have found out the hard way when the casino cites their hardened terms and conditions and slams the door shut.
Its hard when they dont give me our chat history. I didn't say anything to Them If i remember correctly, i just self-excluded. They are not gonna answer me on this Post either. I know IT.
If you can prove that you were self excluded, then u are 100% entitled to be refunded all of your losses.
But can you prove it? If you can't, then you won't get a bean I'm afraid. Sign up to Gamstop if you want to self exclude from all law abiding sites.
I play poker professionally. Cant use any apps. Its The casinos, they are My cryptonite. That 1000e isnt that much, but i just cant Stand wrong doing. They know i self-excluded, they arent giving me The proof. I need a answer from them.
Isnt IT proof when they dont have any chat history. They just have a Button on their site to close account For x period of Time or indefinitely. U just cant close your account Till u join their chat and ask them to reopen?
Isnt IT proof when they dont have any chat history. They just have a Button on their site to close account For x period of Time or indefinitely. U just cant close your account Till u join their chat and ask them to reopen?
In the case of Unibet UK (different license, but similar platform), they have "Deactivate my account", the text looks very similar to the email you shared (removed by moderators because of personal information) and the reactivation process would be similar to what you experienced.

If you choose to deactivate your account, please note that:​

  • You won't be able to log in or create a new account.
  • Any pending bets will be settled as normal.
  • You won't be able to withdraw money.

You should be able to request that information - whether through customer support, or through an SAR / Subject Access Request (as you did with the live support chat history).

If you were self-excluded or should have been self-excluded then there's more of a case to answer, if you deactivated your account thinking it was a self-exclusion then there's limited recourse.

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