Confiscated winnings

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Dec 13, 2017
Atleast for anyone reading this: I hope you learned from this thread to use a card and bank account issued in YOUR name or use an e-wallet in YOUR name. Not your gf's, not a joint account but a completely personal one. And while you're at it make sure you have an ID card and other documents in YOUR name for the casino's KYC check.


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Apr 18, 2009
You just need to prove your case to ARN not to us, so good luck :thumbsup:
Thank you. I have been very clear when contacting the casinos I gambled at telling them I do not ask for any refund.

I don’t see myself entitled to any refunds either, that’s why. I just wanted to make sure again I didn’t do anything wrong.

I don’t think I will update this thread anymore now.

This turned out to be something I never could have expected.

Until you reach out to ARN there is no need for updates I guess.

I saw you did an update on the other forum, about your girlfriend and her being suicidal.
Now that was a bit of a lie wasn't it? She was down on Christmas Eve last year complaining she had no friends or family when she wrote the post you refer to. A week later she was fine and self excluded.
No need to claim she is suicidal or try to get sympathy that way now.

Btw that person are writing in the same style as you, just another language. Odd isn't it?


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May 22, 2012
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Right - this thread is a total waste of bandwidth and has gone round in more circles than Brexit.
The OP has been given the relevant advice several times over regarding how to use the PAB service if necessary, or resolve it otherwise.

The bottom line is, you only gamble with your own payment facilities in the correct name and be aware that one member of a household with a gambling issue will likely invoke a casino's RG interest for others there.

It's that simple.

If the OP feels it necessary to continue with this saga on here, he can file @maxd a proper PAB and then Max can update it, although as he said earlier in the thread on page4 there's more than a few similar player beefs with the same dubious foundation.


EDIT - In fact, make that a full ban because this member has at least one other CM profile, one which matches his Facebook moniker 'Jojodedejo'

Dupe accounts is a big no-no. Auf Wiedersehen.
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