collusion using vnc


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Mar 14, 2005
I read somewhere PartyPoker is going public on the London Exchange valued more than 4 billion dollars, wow. It's incredible to me how fast online poker is booming.

I know PP has a lot of anti-collusion efforts in their software such as:

* screenshots sent from the c:\program files\partypoker\temp directory
* client scanning software for programs such as winholdem and other 'bots'
* IGM skin tracing that detects when the bmp's are being scanned with an OCR device... and many more I'm sure.

No site can stop collusion in the form of calling up a buddy and card sharing over the phone or instant messenger. If you play with each other 90% of the time they'll notice but these methods are painful.

Is there anything stopping a simple method of collusion like using vnc to share desktops?

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