collusion illusion??


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Jun 3, 2008
hi casinomeister and anyone who can help....i recently posted the following on GAMBLING INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION FORUM....

"hi anyone who can resolve my problem and get my account back..

my poker account was arbitrarily seized by WILLIAM HILL poker site in september 2006...value approx 480

i was not colluding with anyone yet their security team said i was and so permanently closed my account....i complained via email but i came up against a brick wall.....what can i do to clear my name and retreive my account?...can anyone help please?"

...and received the reply.....

"Unfortunately, this is too old for us to take on.

We had decided early on that we would only have time to take on current cases since there are probably many old disputes out there that have already been worked over by someone else.
It would also be difficult to reconstruct this at such a late date.

That said, we wouldn't be the best place for this particular complaint anyway.

Will Hill runs both the Boss Media and Wagerlogic platforms.

Max Drayman now handles the complaints at Casinomeister, and he would no doubt have the better connections to deal with your situation.
I also believe that Bryan is the designated Mediator for Wagerlogic Casinos, so that's going to be your best shot, IMO.

I suggest you go there, and ask Max and Bryan if they can check into this. "

...can anyone help please?

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