Cleopatra's Palace Casino


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I like this place, slots seem pretty loose, second time on I hit the random JP for over $2000..should have tried to cash it out..but oh well I got greedy and tried to make some more. The rest of the story I'm sure you know!
Anyone have any info on this casino..Is it LEGIT?:)


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waiting for payout from cleopatras

i cashedout 1000 from cleopatras palace (well waiting) i went to live chat and thay said that it takes 10 days after approval to get your money, wow , take a nap, anyhow we will see if they pay up or not

GGW Laurie

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I really hope you get your money, so they are doing the ole stall 10 day trick on you, dont be shocked if it gets extended to more days than that.

Just a quick Question, why dont you play at some of the other listed RTG casinos here on CM?

You might decide you like playing at these casinos that will pay you out within 24 hours or less, worth a shot instead of just waiting around on a casino that wont pay for 10 days and is also Rogued.



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