WARNING Cleopatra's Palace: flaky payouts, AWOL service


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
Jan 20, 2004
This one has been a long time brewing: we've had a half dozen PABs against these guys in the last year or so. These mostly concern no pay and missing withdrawal situations, usually where the casino has given outrageous and/or trumped-up reasons for their actions: "That bonus you received isn't available to players", "there additional playthrough requirements we forgot to tell you about", "your documents are still being reviewed" for months on end, or my favourite "we're on the phone with other players, please call back another time". The number of PABs is a bit unusual but not extraordinarily so. What is odd is the lameness of the casino's excuses and the strange way the PABs typically go.

Usually what we get from CPC (cleopatraspalacecasino.com) are automated replies that come back 30 seconds after we submit an issue. They're those useless "we value you ... will contact you soon ... blah blah blah" things and you never hear from them again. The odd thing has been that the players who filed the PABs usually disappear too, so the PABs often end up getting discarded because the player is AWOL as far as we are concerned.

Lately things have turned from bad to worse. Not only have the auto replies stopped -- not that I'll miss them terribly -- but the players behind the PABs are sticking around and reporting that the casino is doing nothing for them. In other words continuing confiscation and payment issues with no Customer Service to speak of. That's a Warning situation, so ...:

Warning: Cleopatra's Palace Casino is messing about with player winnings and withdrawals. Players are either being locked out, suffering confiscations or withdrawals and are being slow-paid to the point of not being paid at all. The casino is not responding to complaints. Avoid this casino.