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May 16, 2010
does anybody know anything about this group of casinos .i just dont understand every rtg and play tech casinos i go lately i get absolutely nothing and like at cityclub casino i get about 30 percent pay back ,there online chat dissappears ,then they dont answer there phones for hours on end and they never returned any of my emails that i sent and this has happened at a few rtg and playtech casinos.then i read at bulldog watch that some person wrote a warning about that casino about how he heard that the casino hasnt been paying there affiliates .man how many casinos online right now are almost bankrupt and as players whos protecting players from casinos who are alomst done so we dont waste our money in them cause they dont pay. i think i\ve pretty much given up at rtg and playtech casinos all together and stick with micro gaming .I also played at one rtg casino i think vegas casino and i looked at there jackpot slots ,90 percent of the jackpot slots there, the jackpots were raising at one cent every 10 seconds ,so to me i would say hardly a soul was playing there ,they told me they had a few playing .hmm whats a few mean 5 or 500 they dont tell. i just know what is going on anymore in the online gambling world.
Hi, don't know about city casino group but do suggest checking out the accredited section here at casinomeister. I simply do not play casinos not accredited anymore as it seems too risky. It's one thing to risk your money on gambling, another to throw money at a casino with no intention of ever paying you when you win. The casino's in the accredited section have good reputations for treating customers fairly. Worth a go if you do like the playtech and rtg software. Must warn you however that even though they tend to be fairer, that doesn't mean the slots can't be as tight as everywhere else.:eek:

City club casinos is on my own personnal rogue list,confiscated my winning over 900 euros 4 or 5 years ago
Till this time they keeped to spam me and the last news was they were changing there casino name for....

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