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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Just a quick admin note:

Posting chat sessions are your prerogative, but if you choose to post them, please edit them for succinctness or brevity. Many members do not have the time to read several pages of chat sessions, and they will simply skip the entire thread when they stumble upon these posts.

In most cases, all it takes is a three sentence paragraph to describe what happened. Thanks!

I read it, and I get the impression their agent "Andy" didn't know what he was talking about, and this is why it was so long.

What was all the BS about loyalty points NOT being releted to wagering, but "deposits and cash movements on the account".

It is quite simply, it was "Andy" that made a mess of things by saying the player was wrong, and then trying to explain why. He failed, because the player was RIGHT, and HE was wrong. Loyalty points accrue based on wagering. Provided you are playing slots, which is a 100% weighted game, you CAN use accrued loyalty points to work out where you are with WR on a bonus.

70 points gained is $700 wagered on slots, and this should convert $20 from the bonus balance to cash, with an additional $10 converting when wagering reaches $900.

What "Andy" made a mess of was confusing wagering with bets. The player was playing an average bet of $0.35, so would take (approx) 3 spins to wager $1. Since 70 loyalty points were gained, $700 was wagered, but this would have been in 210 SPINS, which is where this "3x" comes into it.

The explanation that this offer might have come from a third party was dangerous, since it contained the player's name and ACCOUNT NUMBER, and such an explanation is an admission that said third parties have access to players' account numbers.

SPAM that comes from affiliates will NEVER have the account number, but it MAY have the player's name, and APPEAR as though it originated from the casino.

If the email was sent, and was "personal" in that it had the account number then the offer WAS made. The act of sending the email was the offer, NOT whether or not it was applied correctly on the account.

The other problem is HOW the offer was made, do NOT say something that is untrue. "no strings" means just that. Saying a deposit has to be made first IS a "string" to the offer. The offer SHOULD have said "40% up to 250 and 30 free spins on Loaded - standard terms apply". The text should then explain that it is the first deposit that triggers the addition of the free spins.

I got the same offer this last weekend, and this is how it worked:- I deposited, got the bonus, but only saw the free spins shortly after. They were NOT "already there".

Why the player sent the email, yet support never saw it, needs investigating. It is getting "blocked" somewhere in the system, but this is clearly NOT at the player's end, since it left his mailbox.

Confirm this by checking that it is in "sent items", and that no "bounce" message has been received.

I have sometimes had emails "bounce" from Red Flush. 3 times on an earlier occasion, and I gave up (not all that important, I was pointing out an error in a promotional email).

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