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Aug 4, 2009
Good day, everyone!

i'm new to the forum and not sure if i'm posting at the right place (if not, please move this thread).
My story is about rushmore group. I joined them few weeks ago, deposited, won some money. Great so far, was asked for faxback form, which I sent over. Verified and finally withdrew. Received an email that my withdrawal was processed. Then few days later, tried to log in and it's said I'm banned :what:
Phoned customer support and they told me to contact deposit department, which i did. below is their reply:


All activity on this account has been ceased. All possible refunds have been conducted.

Kind Regards,

Natalie Webb
Deposits Department

i specificly asked for an explanation, but as you can see none was made.
Hi Baimistrjuks, your best bet is to have Max, the Player Grievance Manager look into this for you. The way to have him do that is to file a PAB (Pitch a Bitch). The link is here:

You should read it over before filling out the form, to ensure that you've included all necessary info and followed all the protocol.

You should not post on the topic any further. If your case is legit, there's a good chance you'll get your money. However, if it's found that you've committed some type of fraud ie. multiple accounts at the same casino, chargebacks, etc., your account here at the forum will be banned and you'll be publicly named and shamed. So for your sake, I hope your complaint is on the up and up and you're not yanking our chains. Best of luck to you.

EDITED TO ADD: If you haven't already done should send a PM (Private Message) to Louise, the rep from the Slots Oasis/Rushmore/Cherry Red group. That should always be the first thing you do, before posting even. Not sure how much she can help...from your post, it really sounds like the casino "thinks" there is some type of wrongdoing ie. fraud on your part. But PM her anyway. Here's the link....just click on send message, then Private (not public).
Hi everyone,

baimistrjuks - I would kindly ask that you reply to the deposits email and ask for further information. Please state that you are on Casinomeister and that I have asked you to do so.

I am currently out of the office until next Tuesday but please be in touch to update me.

I hope everyone is well :)

Kind regards,

Rushmore, Cherry Red & Slots Oasis Rep.

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