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Nov 2, 2006
Hello,this is my first post here and I enjoy reading this forum everyday.
Here is what happened to me at Inchilli casino.About 3 days ago I was playing Pirate Princess and I got the cannon bonus. Well on one of the spins a cannon lined up with a ship but it didnt fire.:what: I reported this of course and was told that they will inform the tech department. Ok fine, Ill let it go.So the next night I get the cannon bonus again and lined up with two ships and it didnt fire again! :what: So I report it again and was told that they will check with management and get back to me.I havent heard anything from them yet.
I guess my question is,can I expect to get anything from them?You see I am a low roller and I start out a .25 per spin and hope to build up enough to up my bet.So its great to get a bonus round (which can be a chore sometimes) to build up your bankroll.But to finally get one and then get cheated really sucks.This is just a rant and was wondering if this happened to anyone else.Just a final note: I like Inchilli a lot and have made some cashouts and hit nice bonus rounds so Im not knocking them.
Is there a screenshot or maybe you can get a log from a history file? That may help your cause - just an idea - i don't know if that software has a history log but it ought to.
hi ya Kato

No, I have never experienced that glitch before and I play that particular game a lot. It sounds suspicious for sure. Hope they do something about it for you if it is a mistake on the software end.
BTW- my son just left this AM to go back to Rochester. He goes to the U of R
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Good luck!

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