CasinoUS(VPL) - Unbelievably screwed


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Apr 28, 2004
Do not deposit at CasinoUS ever,most of all do not request a 100% match deposit as a new player.

I have signed up as a new player for their $200 free play promo.I did not win anything,but I subsequently deposited $350 and withdrawed the same amount.

I emailed their support to request the 100% match deposit bonus,and later
recieved a email that requested me for various item of identity proof,which I did try to provide via numerous emails,which kept bouncing back.I phoned them numerous times too,and just get more email addy to send them to.

They have locked my account, and withhold my deposits,and when they did recieved all my identity proofs they send me an email that says they will not unlocked my account,because they named me as a high risk player.I subsequently found out that I have been locked out of all my accounts at vegas partner lounge too.

I have never ever obtained a bonus from any of their casinos ever,and the first time I request for one, I am robbed.How can I be high risk when I never ever requested a bonus before?And my first deposit at CasinoUS will be my last ever.

I am absolutely disgusted by their behavior,to this date I never did get my withdrawal back.They send me an email that says my withdrawal has been approved,but I never did recieved it.

Email below:
Please be advised that we have finalized your withdrawal request made on tccrxxxxxxxx

Please click on the following URL to view the details of the transaction:
Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

We do hope this transfer meets your approval.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

What a load of bull!!


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Looks like they had issues with your documents.
Although you have played before, this looks like the first time you have been asked for documents.
They seem to be screwed up at their end too, if you kept getting bounced E-mails.
They seem to ignore the fact that you usually play without bonuses, but take exception when you ask for your first.
I am sure they have a rep here, listed under casino contacts, or you can "Pitch a Bitch", and have this cleared up.
This is not the first time they have been accused of incompetence, and I think last time it was the rep that managed to clarify things.

Casinomeister's newsletters mention that there is a persistent fraud ring that includes the UK among the countries it operates from, and this is another reason a lot of UK players have had trouble with various casino groups over the last year or so. Previously, BelleRock, MiniVegas, and Fortune Lounge have been targets, and maybe VPL is now in the firing line. Looks like a pattern, mostly MG EZBonus (MiniVegas the exception), and the fraud involves opening accounts with fake ID, and placing large bets then grinding out WR - ID is only needed when they win (about 50% of accounts). Genuine players who resemble the patterns of the fraudsters get caught up, and it is a devil of a job to prove innocence.

Casinos need a better system - but they continue to persist in the current one because it allows new players little opportunity to lose the urge to play, as would a proper pre-vetting system.


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Oct 3, 2005
I started playing there again a few weeks ago. The 10% deposit bonuses were about the best I was getting from MGs lately, but now that I have a withdrawal they have made it too much of a hassle to bother with anymore.

First of all they don't have the MG Clearplay bonus system. You must clear 30x the bonus amount to withdraw. This is excessive for a lousy 10% bonus.

There are two bonus rule pages: one of them says the cash balance is withdrawable anytime, the other says you must complete the WR. They stuck me to the latter. This is a real pita if you deposited to play anything other than slots and on average it will cost you more than the bonus amount.

Next, they sent a vague email telling me I might need to send three documents (id, utility bill, and something else that I forget) despite the fact that I have already had withdrawals from this group. After 20 minutes on live chat they finally told me I need to play through 30x the bonus to wdw.

Finally I got the same "withdrawal has been finalized" email as the OP. That was three days ago and no sign of the funds.

I'm tired of jumping through hoops for them.


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Jun 5, 2006
Edmonton Canada
I recently closed ALL of my VPL accounts because I could never reach anyone via email, and their telephone support was more like telephone NONsupport and it was frustrating the h*ll out of me. After a computer crash that destroyed my hard drive I tried for about 8 months to get my account number for one of their casinos that used to be my favorite MG and every single email I sent bounced back. I called and they gave me an alternate email address, my emails to that address bounced back too. Then I called and asked them to just give me the account number over the phone, and they gave me the wrong number - I called back, got another operator and they gave me a different number which was also wrong. I finally gave up on that particular casino and played several others - until one day I had to reach someone and my mails bounced back. I called them and said "this is BS, close them all." They quickly responded with an email saying that I had money in 3 of my accounts - I went in, blew through the money in all three and replied to their email, and it bounced back. :eek2:

Too bad, I liked the casinos, I won there fairly frequently, but in my experience the 'support' was completely ridiculous.


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Oct 3, 2005
This place really is screwed up. Apparently "finalized" and "processed" don't mean a withdrawal has been completed because the ewallet has just informed me that they have received no payout on a wdw that was "finalized" 4 days ago. Cashcheck shows it was "processed".