Expired Promo Casinomeister & BTG's Golden Ticket Comp

There are promos that are no more.
Well it's time to reveal the winner of the fifth and final ticket!

One last drumroll................


and... Yes!

Just one more from the man himself...


@smart_croatia @NeverLucky @nikantw @helafast and now....

Yes Yes Yes!



@SteveBr - CONGRATULATIONS! You were first out of the hat on this, the final draw, well played! :cheers:

The above Golden Ticket will enable you to have access to our first release of 2019 (we will be in touch with instructions right NOW) you also win also a wager free Bonus of €200 @ VIDEOSLOTS.COM

Runners up on this draw are:

@PaaskeDenmark with wager free bonus €100 @ SKYVEGAS.COM :thumbsup:
with wager free bonus €100 @ CASUMO.COM :thumbsup:
@mcgameboy you actually claim the €1000 for the the biggest win of the overall competition - your lack of faith disturbs me! (sometimes) Please PM as soon as you can to claim your prize :)

Please PM me and we'll try our best to get the credits in your accounts as soon as possible!

The extra special prize will be given to the biggest win on Holy Diver (valid ticket holders only) between now and Monday - you will be given $200 of play money and the Golden Ticket holder that can turn that into the highest x win will walk away with the grand prize! Yes you guest it, a grand, a €1000 in your casino account of choice the day Holy Diver goes live. The competition will be closed on Monday and you will be topped up on Thursday and Friday with a further $200. We have limited the stake to $1. Use this thread to post your big wins and we will verify them against our server.

Please feel free to post your big wins here if you're lucky enough to get any!

The portal now awaits for the prize winners to take their Golden Tickets and log in here to play
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may the person that makes it through the Mystical Forest be blessed with great fortune!

Best of Luck!

Big Time Gaming official
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@Big Time Gaming
So, biggest x stake win (in one spin/bonus round) wins the competition or the person who builds the biggest balance from the funds provided? Cause it sounded like the second one at first! :)
Well, lets start it off then:
First bonus, collected the "level 1" one if you want to call it that :D

Added the rest of them, best one of them was from Level 2 Bonus. Got absolutely demolished afterwards for a regular bonus though as you can see in the balance change from the screenshots -- if they are in the right order that is.

Gl everyone! ;)


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secondly I am worst Holy Diver player in the world lol, 1 hour of playtime got first bonus after 400 spins for 25x, second one landed with 7€ left ( so if i didnt played my first bonus i would not get this one) for 15x, and got only two base game hits 25x and 30x NL, also @Big Time Gaming there is a little bug in base game, I can see win before reels stops both in chest win and i n regular win!
also I rly like that reel adventure mechanics its fun,innovative and its keep player focused and not bored while playing specially in bonus round

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